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  • Affordable Prices – 3
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 1
  • Safety Guarantees – 2
  • User Friendly Support – 2
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September, 2021 Last Update

Ultius Inc is a well-known company that renders writing services of different complexity to students. Previously, it had a rather good reputation. But, at the moment, I read that Ultius Inc has been registered somewhere in Delaware, where their founders bear zero responsibility for their performance. This results in a terrible quality of writing works, broken deadlines, and other bad things for customers.

First Impression

My first impression was average. The foremost thing I had noticed was the prices. They were too expensive. But the service itself reassured that the quality of writing would be amazing. I thought that paying much to overqualified writers is okay in general. But that was a mistake, in fact. I also found out many other non-pleasant things with this service, like plagiarism and missed deadlines. But this will be later.


I cannot name this service as very user-friendly. It was not easy to find out where the exact parts of the information I needed were. The usability should definitely be improved. Otherwise, they need to assign separate support agents for helping customers with navigation. That sounds burdensome, taking into account the current navigation this website has.


I find the design boring. The colors are dull. They are joined in a silly manner, with no minimal taste. I guess they decided to save money when developing their website. I can hardly find another explanation for the stuff they show to customers. If they request such big money for their work, they could arrange at least a good-looking website.

Visibility of Useful Information

All information about important aspects of customers is visible. Prices and the scope of services are reachable enough for review without any extra effort. Still, some parts of the information are not noticeable and difficult to read. It may appear they want to draw the customer’s attention away from reviewing some important info. I think all information should be easy to read. 


My Ultius review shows that there are only minor pros of using this service:

  1. They comply with initial deadlines.
  2. They provide discounts for their work. With those prices they have, discounts are more than desired. 


Not only mine but also many other Ultius reviews shows that the service has lots of adverse sides of its work. So, it is easy for everyone to get a non-pleasant customer experience here. Here are the only major ones:

  1. Plagiarism – this service has been accused many times of delivering plagiarized pieces of writing. And similar comments continue to appear in various reviews. That was my case also.
  2. The quality of service for those prices they request should be much higher. They should provide the same high quality. Clients don’t pay money for their brand-name.
  3. I have doubts about the qualifications of writers. Taking into account those mistakes they make, they are likely not native speakers. 
  4. Support is weak. I had to wait for ages until my problem was solved.
  5. You need to pay extra fees for those services that are usually free.
  6. If you want to choose a writer, you need to pay extra money. Extra, extra money all the time!!!

Precise List of Services

Personally, I lacked sufficient information about all services I can request here. They provide only general information. Namely, they provide the next types of writing:

  • high school;
  • undergraduate;
  • master’s
  • doctoral.

You can request here not only writing but also editing, proofreading, and business writing. I would like to get more info about the entire list of texts they can render and also fields they can cover. At the moment, I don’t see this sufficient info here. 


The pricing policy this service has is not well-balanced. I can say even it is too high for the final quality they deliver to customers. Here is what I can say more precisely about that.

Payment Options

You can use your credit card, AMEX, Discover, or PayPal to pay for your order. I used my credit card, and the payment procedure was straightforward. I just needed to indicate my credit card number, CVV2 code, and expiration date. Everything was well in this case. I had no worries about my payment as it was secured.

Features and Discounts

When you get to their page, you get an Ultius promo code of 20% nearly at once. You may get an Ultius coupon if you indicate your email. Ultius Inc cares about its discount policy. Ultius discounts likely range from 5 to 15%, but I didn’t find precise info about getting them. They occasionally offer extra 10% discount. 

Money Back Guarantee

This company is too confident in its writing effort. Some clients allege it is a scam. It does not provide any refund. But, as you may guess, the risk of getting a poor paper is too high here. That is not an issue at all. If you have other writing options, I suggest you consider such in the first turn. 

Online reputation

Ultius reputation it has is far from good. Nearly all customers complain about high prices for services and high prices for that. Ultius reviews at Reddit also states about that. But, this is not the last challenge. The more important is that they use plagiarized content. Ultius reputation is tightened to this aspect. So, it is a frequent case. That is more than bad. Writing papers with proper citations is a must-have for any writing service by default. Ultius review at Reddit, Trustpilot, and SiteJabber has similar comments. It is awful for sure. Their reputation is bad. 

The Information about Writers

The writer of this service has been far from qualified. Ultius declares like all writers have degrees and are extremely qualified. In fact, this is not so. Perhaps, they have such a kind of writer. But, unfortunately, one such kind had not been assigned to me personally. Other Ultius reviews state the same problem.

Communication with Writer

It was poor. I had to explain the same pieces of information twice. I needed to waste my time correcting them and explaining obvious things from my point of view. My writer told me nonsense and argued about obvious things. They tried to suggest something better. As a result, my essay was not compliant with my demands and required amendments.

Qualification Degree

Again it is only declared that writers possess degrees. In fact, they cannot prove the qualification they have. That is bad. When I order a paper for such money, I need to be sure that my writer is a native speaker and has a degree in a relevant field, at least. I don’t say any word about the experience.

Quality of Writing

For that requested money, the quality of writing should be perfect. And it should not be like Ultius provides now. It is average. If I had time, I could write a much better paper on my own. It seemed to me that a writer hated this writing job. That was confusing to get this poor quality. Mistakes detected!

The writing style

The style is boring. It is dully. An essay is a kind of paper where boringness should not exist at all. But, my sample was the exact sample. It was composed awfully, without any proper structure. I don’t say a single word about making a text flowing. I guess they don’t know this word. 

Safety Guarantees

Is Ultius legit? It is a registered company, and the service itself guarantees the legal manner of its operation. I have not found any information supporting that. They guarantee plagiarism-free works, and that is not true. Those papers they had delivered contained plagiarism. That was in my case. According to Ultius Inc. reviews, other clients also faced this issue. They provide another guarantee of timely delivery. And I must say it adheres. But, they provide papers exactly before a deadline. So, there is no time for revisions at all.

Ultius cheating is also likely excluded. They guarantee the entire safety of communications and all transactions. I hope so. But, frankly speaking, I don’t trust this service any longer. 

Ordering Process

Ultius essay reviews say that ordering is simple. They were simply about taking money from clients. You need only fill all required fields of their order form, indicate a deadline and special requirements, and submit this form. Once you have completed your payment, you will be redirected to a dashboard. You will get a notification only after the completion of your paper. That is all. Seriously! For that money, they take only basic assistance. That is awful!

24/7 Customer Support

My Ultius writing service review could not be complete without sharing my impressions about their support service. I was wondering whether they were doing me a favor when I tried to resolve my issues. That seemed to me so. Their assistants were not carrying much about what my impression would be. They were very slow and not helpful at all. Once I got a response that I had to wait for a long time– the problem would disappear after some time. Can you imagine that answer? Their support is weak. I should not pay such great money to get an average service and try to resolve my problems individually!!!

Final Verdict

My Ultius company review is negative in a nutshell. Personally, I got a negative experience here. And many other customers also got the same type of experience here. Let’s summarize the most important points about this service.

Is Ultius legal? It appears to be so. But, there are no official documents on their website confirming that. Other customers said in comments they were officially registered in Delaware. There were many allegations concerning Ultius cheating and Ultius scam. This doesn’t add bonuses to this service.

Ultius writing service review could not be full without speaking about these important points. You should also pay attention to!!!!

Quality of Service

Many Ultius essay reviews state that the service delivers poor quality for that money it wants to get. The same story was in my case. I had got a poor-quality essay but paid a lot for that. That is not an issue at all. But, plagiarism made me angry. I think some requirements for writing should be followed by default.

Compliance with Deadlines

Generally, they comply with deadlines. But, not everything is good in this case. Sometimes papers require amendments, and this takes extra time. Perfectly, when a paper is delivered in advance to make necessary corrections. But, this is not the case with this company. I had to wait for extra time. If I had a closer deadline, that could be a real disaster. 

Choose Reliable Writing Help

My Ultius company review is more negative. The company lacks professionalism with the completion of writing papers. They don’t pay too much attention to completing orders, the quality suffers, but prices are high. To get something more or less affordable, you need to have an Ultius discount code. But, this does not guarantee you any quality. My case and many other Ultius reviews state this company has serious issues with plagiarism. So, this is definitely not a good place for ordering papers. I have already found another service and suggest you do the same.

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We prepared the answers to the most popular user question about a popular custom academic writing service called Ultius. Overall, we don’t recommend this service to our readers due to its high prices and average quality papers.

What is Ultius?

Ultius is a popular company that provides custom academic writing services. They offer writing of different complexity for students of different education levels. They deal with a huge number of disciplines. Users can also edit, proofread their paper with this service. The highlight is the opportunity to order business writing services. 

Is Ultius legit?

I have concerns about it. They seem to be a trustworthy service. However, their terms and conditions are not as transparent as Utius claims they are. Moreover, the company has faked its location, and its founders don’t carry any responsibility for this writing service. 

Is Ultius reliable?

I was satisfied with my paper’s quality until I found out that it was plagiarized. As I saw in the other reviews, this is a common cause for this company. I was not impressed by the work their writer did on my essay. This was an average plagiarized paper, and I would say that their services are overpriced. 

Is Ultius a scam?

In my opinion, services that don’t offer refunds to their customers are a scam. This company doesn’t provide any money-back guarantees in case their customers are not satisfied. This means, are not fully responsible for their services. 

Is Ultius safe?

Ultius doesn’t give any guarantees when it comes to plagiarism-free papers. The users can’t place a money-back request if the quality or uniqueness of their paper doesn’t meet their needs. I doubt it is a safe writing service. 

Is ultius plagiarism-free?

As far as I saw in other reviews, plagiarized content is quite frequent in this company’s services. There were a lot of cases when they delivered papers with plagiarism. However, they don’t give any guarantees for the quality, so you better check the papers after delivery. 

Are there Ultius trustworthy?

I can’t say this company has a terrible reputation as well as a flawless one. There are good and excellent customer reviews about their services on the Internet. However, I was disappointed with their faking the company address and plagiarized papers.