The EssayShark Review: Should We Entrust the Job to It?

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  • Affordable Prices – 3
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 4
  • Safety Guarantees – 4
  • User Friendly Support – 2
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September, 2021 Last Update

EssayShark is a bidding-based service. Its distinction is that the user and the writer for hire make a deal personally. The company offers an area for them to meet and manages communication and payment processes. Many people prefer bidding systems due to a more personal approach and flexible conditions.

EssayShark has been around for many years, and it seems a decent argument in their favor. They can deliver things to customers. Otherwise, they would go into oblivion. Still, many recent EssayShark reviews hint that the service is far from its prime. It is not anything new in our always-changing world. Many companies had a rocket start but could not keep their level. We also noticed numerous EssayShark scam complaints. 

The question “is EssayShark good now” arose inevitably. That’s why we decided to investigate this company. After collecting the information on the Web, examining the official website, and subjective tests, we are ready to present the latest review for your consideration. 

The First Look on the Online Representation

The primary representation of any company selling its services online is a website. We went to EssayShark’s website for the official information that the team shares itself. 

Convenience of Use

You’d hardly find a really inconvenient website these days. Due to the variety of ready templates, everyone can get a professional-looking and convenient website. EssayShark is not an exclusion. They have a decent official website that runs fast and smoothly. It also has a nicely-designed mobile version and mobile apps for Android and iOS. No matter which device you’d use, you can access this resource and its data easily and comfortably. 

On the other hand, you can find the contact channels on the dedicated page only. It is impossible to contact the support managers via the Live Chat. Suppose you only consider turning to this service and have some questions. In that case, you can only contact support by email. That is not the fastest option. 

The Look

Indeed, the website design is thorough. The color scheme is neutral and pleasant to the eye. The shapes, fonts, and illustrations make a food impression. Thus, it is fine when you deal with the EssayShark resource only. However, the company owns several services with different brands and promotes them separately. The design of all those resources is similar, which can be misleading if searching for the service and getting to the wrong place.  

Useful Information

All the data you need to know about the service is present on the website. The two pluses are the section about the authors and the Blog section. The first area provides the internal rankings of the EssayShark writers. You can see their profiles and learn about the customers’ satisfaction levels. The company provides enough useful information for analysis. The Blog section offers thematical articles dedicated to many aspects of academic writing, and we found them quite appealing. 

Yet, there is one big minus on the website self-presentation. The essential links are in the footer. From there, you can get to the FAQ or learn about the guarantees and policies. But if you are a new visitor, you might have a tough time trying to locate the necessary information on the website before turning your eye down to the footer.  

Overall, the website is helpful and informative. However, for our EssayShark review, we’d say that not all design and usability decisions are user-friendly. 

Advantages of Service

  • Individual approach
  • Flexible pricing
  • Direct communication with the performers
  • Affordable prices 

Disadvantages of Service

  • No stable pricing 
  • Problematic refunds
  • Frequent quality issues
  • Plagiarism 
  • Late deliveries 
  • Sometimes problematic communication
  • No discounts or loyalty programs

The Services Range

The system that the company uses suggests that the user can order any type of paper. Still, it depends on the writer who would accept the challenge. They provide all the standard academic papers, though:

  • Academic essays;
  • Admission essays;
  • Personal statements;
  • Research papers of different types;
  • Book reviews;
  • Movie reviews;
  • Lab reports;
  • Speeches;
  • Case studies;
  • Term papers;
  • Research proposals;
  • Dissertations.

If you need a different type of paper, you should describe the task. The writers will contact you with their bids for that offer.

The Pricing Specificities

The specific feature of a bidding system is that it does not have standard rates. How much does EssayShark cost, you might wonder? The answer is, it depends. The company states the minimum rates, but the writer evaluates the job proposition and offers their bids. The user can accept or reject it. Besides, you can negotiate the price with the potential performer. Still, you won’t know how much this or that paper would cost you before getting the bids.

Payment Options

The company accepts payments by debit and credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. There are two options for the customer to pay. First, you may pay directly from the order page. Second, you top up the user account balance. For the latter option, you keep the funds online to release it later as a payment.

Discounts for Customers

There is no official discount policy of the company or anything like EssayShark coupons for discounts. It is a feature of the bidding system – the writer evaluates their work and offers the price. The customer can reduce the price in negotiations. Feel free to ask for a personal discount. Performers often agree to that. On the other hand, it is not granted. 

Money Back Guarantee

The question of refunds is an integral part of all “is EssayShark safe” concerns. The company compiled its money-back policy and provided it on the website. According to the policy regulations, the customers pay if they accept the papers. Before the payment release, a customer can withdraw the money and get a full refund. But after making a payment, it becomes non-refundable.

The system automatically sends the money to the performer after 14 days since the paper delivery if the customer does not release the payment. It is irreversible. Here, the most frequent trouble is. If you accept the paper, and it turns out problematic further (plagiarism or other issues), you can’t get your money back.

The Service Reputation Online

The question is EssayShark scam worries users. It is only natural that before referring to any service, you’d try to collect the information. We went to Trustpilot and SiteJabber, as they are the most reputable feedback platforms on the Web. 

There are mixed reviews. Some users leave praising feedback. Others are evidently unhappy. From what we’ve learned about EssayShark, the results you get depend on the writer only. If you are lucky to make a deal with a professional – you’ll get relevant results. Unfortunately, you won’t know whom you work with until you get the paper delivered.

In summary, there are lots of negative reviews about this company on the reviewing platforms and the EssayShark Reddit discussions. The service is often unable to provide the required quality level. 

Learn About Writers

A separate section on the official website presents information about the writers. There are personal profiles and stats data about their performances and how their clients evaluated their efforts. Most of the EssayShark specialists are experienced and can easily cope with any task judging by those data. Still, the best way is always to test the quality ourselves. We made a couple of test orders to check the results. 

Communication Possibilities

The company uses the in-build system where the user can message the writer. Regrettably, it is not a live chat or a messenger. In fact, it is more like email. It can be smooth and fast if both you and the hired writer are online and willing to communicate about the work. Otherwise, your communication becomes much slower. They at EssayShark recommend the customers to check their personal messages regularly to get updates. The same goes for the writers. Still, it is not a guarantee of high-quality communication.

The Writers’ Competences

The first issue with EssayShark writers’ qualifications is that it is impossible to check their expertise and credentials. There isn’t any data about their backgrounds. You can only rely on the info in the profiles. The company states that they work with ENL and ESL performers, and each writer must pass a thorough check to join the writing team. 

They let the users evaluate each performer’s bid and request samples of the papers done by that writer. We don’t find it reliable enough. It is simple to polish some papers to perfection and demonstrate them as evidence of the writers’ excellence. The most efficient method is communicating with the performer personally and defining if they are prepared for doing the job. But it will require time.

The Writing Quality

We ordered a test essay and an article and described our requirements in detail. The deadline set was for one week, which is reasonable. Also, we hired two different writers.

The papers we received were different in quality, and none was excellent. The essay was full of grammar mistakes, and its contents and analysis did not match the university level we specified. The article seemed acceptable, but we checked it additionally. It was not plagiarism, but the writer used a couple of common sources and slightly altered them. The paper did not have any original concepts or worthy conclusions. Despite paying a solid price for the work, we did not get any matching quality. 

One more significant inconvenience was the absence of proofreading. Both papers had errors. Either the performers did not want to bother doing that, or we’d have to pay extra for a grammar check. You won’t call it professional. 

The Style of Writing

The language choices lacked precision and required robust vocabulary. While we set detained instructions for both papers, they came dry and not catchy at all. The writers tended to use general terms. We’d say that one writer was not an English native speaker. Their writing style was rather dull, and it revealed insufficient knowledge of English. The second writer was ENL, and they were familiar with academic writing and formatting requirements. Still, the overall quality of work was average at best or below average.

Safety Guarantees

Many users wonder, is EssayShark legitimate. From what we could define, the company makes it safe and secure to collaborate with the users.

The payment systems are reliable, and the customer has control over the funds. The company also states that both the users and employees must state anonymity in communication. They claim that they break the contracts with the authors who reveal true identities. Also, they won’t work with clients who break anonymity policies.

Ordering Procedure

The ordering procedure is typical for the bidding companies. After registering an account, the user can place the order: 

  1. Describe the assignment you need to be done, state the deadline, and post the order.
  2. Get the authors’ bids (sometimes they come very fast, in other cases, the user may wait for hours and even days).
  3. Evaluate all bids and choose the writer to perform the job. 
  4. Add funds to the balance for the performer to start the work. 
  5. After the paper delivery, check it. 
  6. Release the payment if you accept the result. 

Customer Support

EssayShark’s customer support is not the best ace this team offers. First, they don’t have a live chat for real-time discussions. You can only contact them by email or through the internal messaging system. It is the same system you use to communicate with the writers, with the same issues. The company claims that its support managers are available 24/7. Still, the tickets we placed via the messaging system remained unanswered for many hours.  

We also faced the users’ complaints about the support managers not responding to their quality claims. Quite often, unhappy users did not get their problems resolved.  

The Final Verdict

If you still hesitate and wonder, is EssayShark legit, then the answer is “yes.” These people aren’t cheaters. They can’t provide the promised quality in many cases – that’s a different problem. We don’t recommend anyone using EssayShark services. It is not worth your time. 

The Service Quality

Though skilled writers are working for this company, most of the employees aren’t proficient at all. Their works are poor. In most cases, the performers don’t research the topics thoroughly and use such sources as Wikipedia instead. The papers aren’t proofread, and there are often problems with English.

Deadlines Meeting

The writers often deliver their works late. Besides, you might have to wait for too long after placing the order. It can be so that you won’t get a writer for your assignment at all. These factors make EssayShark unsuitable for urgent or non-standard tasks. The standard tasks may not get proper fulfillment either.  

Turn to the Trustworthy Writing Aid 

The good thing is that there are writing companies offering high-quality services. We made reviews of them too. Refer to those with high rankings, and you can be sure of their excellent work.

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EssayShark is a custom writing service that has the most controversial student reviews. Let’s answer the frequently asked questions and find out the truth about this popular website and the quality of services it provides. 

What is EssayShark?

Essay shark is a website that offers custom writing services. Its highlight is the bidding system for defining order prices. The company is popular because of its unique approach to interaction with the customers and flexible services. 

Is EssayShark legit?

The legitimacy of EssayShark is a huge user concern. There are numerous paper nuances in their documentation and policies. For instance, it’s impossible to request a refund if you already approved your order.  

Is EssayShark reliable?

Taking into account its affordable prices and flexible bidding system, I didn’t expect anything outstanding. But the quality of my paper was very disappointing, and it seemed that I just wasted my time on this website. I understand that the quality depends on a certain writer, but this was a terrible experience with no guarantees that you will receive what you need. 

Is EssayShark a scam?

We saw numerous complaints that EssayShark is a scam, but we haven’t found any confirmations. This service offers academic help, but the writers they hire are from Africa and Eastern Europe, so it’s needless to say anything about the poor quality.

Is EssayShark safe?

The money transactions are secure, and all the payment options the EssayShark offers are from trustworthy providers. They guarantee full protection of customer data. I wish they could do the same when it comes to papers their writers deliver. 

Is EssayShark plagiarism-free?

There are controversial customer reviews, and from our own experience, your paper’s uniqueness highly depends on the author. We noticed a dramatic difference in different papers. Some were flawless and unique, and some contained numerous errors and plagiarism. And if the student accepts the paper, there is no chance to ask for a refund. 

Are there EssayShark trustworthy? 

There is a chance you can receive a high-quality paper from this service, but you need to rely only on luck. There are numerous issues with this service like late work delivery, errors, plagiarism, unprofessional authors, etc. We think you can find a better service and don’t recommend EssayShark.