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As we have told before, Essay Typer is not an online writing company, and it does not have writers who can write assignments instead of you. It is regarded as a tool that guides a client throughout the writing process. This essaytyper review gathered evidence of why it is a bad idea to use this online service.

Acquaintance with EssayTyper

It is good that modern technologies develop every day to assist students with a load of paper assignments around the world. This is how essay writing companies with professional writers appeared. But Essaytyper.com is fully different from other writing sites. This site was created to assist customers in writing their own essays.

Website Interface of EssayTyper

When you look at this company`s website’s structure, you will not regard it as a useful resource. Did you know that a single developer created this online platform? Some clients view this online tool as a joke. We think that the website’s design and navigation have to be more informative as many students were confused because of the plain-looking homepage. These students really did not know what to do next.

Quality of Papers

It is hard to speak about the quality of papers, as not professional writers write assignments. This essay writing website is simply a generator, and it proposes the content from sites such as Wikipedia. It means that you have to be prepared to get your essay full of plagiarism.

Paper Example

Not to be verbose, we propose to look at one of the examples of the Essay Typer paper. We downloaded the example in Grammarly to estimate its quality. The paper was on the topic of human rights 1,695 words long. Note that it is an average size for university and college assignments. This paper has 90 issues, and it is hard to name it “clear”, moreover, it has more than 40 spelling and grammar mistakes. Speaking about plagiarism, if you use this free essay writing website, be ready that plagiarism checks will never show 100% original content. It means you will have to rewrite some sections to make them unique.

How EssayTyper Operates?

Below are easy steps of how to use the EssayTyper online tool:

  • Move to the home page and type keywords concerning your topic. Then, press the pencil button.
  • You will go on to the MS Word-like interface. You will discover that your essay title is already included at the top. It generates themes randomly.
  • Next, you should press any button on your keyboard as many times as you want. The sentences and paragraphs will be printed quickly. Many students can only dream that the writing process of paper assignments was so simple.

Note that the control panel carries just a decorative function. Maybe it was created for students to believe they do something useful. Moreover, you can`t edit the paper on this page. You may be laughing now, but you can’t also download the paper. If you utilize your browser console, you only can copy the so-called document.

Real Assistance with your Essays

We really believe that you do not want to waste your time by using EssayTyper help as you will spend more time making sections of your essay unique. It is better to write your paper from scratch. Or, we recommend asking for help from a reliable essay writing service. Such companies have teams of professional writers who will write your paper instead of you meeting all the needed writing requirements and deadlines.

Payment Methods and Security Measures

There are no payment options as EssayTyper is a free online tool. It does not ask for any personal information and data, so you can be calmed at least as there is nothing you have to keep secure.

Prices at EssayTyper

As we have told earlier, this essay generator is absolutely free and is available to everyone. Many students think it is suspicious when essay writing companies propose too low prices for their services. All because in the majority of cases, low prices stand for low-quality papers. What will these students begin to think when they know that EssayTyper is a free site? In reality, everything is even worse than it can appear. A generator of EssayTyper collects information from different online sources touching your topic. It means that your essay will be almost 100% plagiarized.

Information about Deadlines and Delivery

As EssayTyper is an online tool without writers, we can`t speak about deadlines. A student has to create an essay using this site by their own efforts. Everything depends on him/her, whether he/she can write an essay with meeting the needed deadline. Speaking about a delivery, it sounds funny, but a client can not even download the finished “essay” from the EssayTyper site. All a customer can – copy a completed essay using the browser console. Even this process takes much time. Therefore it is recommended to copy the essay by parts.

Information about Refunds

As it is a free online service, nobody is going to refund you because you pay nothing. It sounds logical. If you want to complain about the quality of your essay, you can forget about it. You knew what result you might get when starting to use a free online tool.

Support of Clients

Because there are no prices in EssayTyper, there is no customer support. Do you have questions concerning using this online tool? You will never get answers to them. Do you want to discuss why your essay is full of plagiarism? Forget about it too. The only way to reach this site’s developer is to go on on a Twitter account (you can find a link on the top of the home page). But there is a restriction on the number of words that you can print in a tweet. So do not expect there will be a person who is ready to answer countless issues.

EssayTyper: Pros and Cons

There is only one advantage of this automatic essay writer. This online tool is free. Do you agree that it would be unfair if a developer takes money for such a service? Speaking about disadvantages, we can enumerate them for a long time. Among the most crucial points are that Essay Typer does not have professional writers who would prepare paper assignments for clients. A generator of this online tool gathers information from widespread sources that will lead to your essay plagiarized. Customer support is absent; nobody will guide you during the writing process. As we can see, Essay Typer has many things to work under.

Concluding Words of Review

As you may understand from this full overview, we can’t recommend you to use EssayTyper. We think it is a waste of your precious time. You can write an assignment from scratch or spend time doing household duties. If you decide to utilize free essay typer, be ready to get a plagiarized paper and spend time rewriting it. To avoid the mistakes of many students who used this online tool, you would better ask for help from a team of specialists. Yes, they are not free as EssayTyper, but they at least guarantee unique paper and can meet all the needed writing requirements.


If you do not have time to read a complete overview about Essay Typer for one reason or another, we prepared a FAQ section where we gathered all the most widespread questions that can appear in students’ minds before they decide whether to use this essay maker.

What is EssayTyper?

EssayTyper is an online writing tool that was planned to assist clients in writing their paper assignments. It has no writers. The only person who writes a paper assignment is a customer.

Is EssayTyper Legit

We can conclude that Essay Typer is a legit online site that simply has no commercial purposes. It is considered to be legit as long as it doesn’t charge you for so-called services and doesn’t include any advertisements.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

EssayTyper is a free online instrument. This is the only advantage of this online tool. But even it can’t cover all disadvantages.

Is EssayTyper Scam?

We can claim that EssayTyper is not a scam as it doesn’t charge its customers. If you have to pay for such a service, it would be another case. EssaTyper confesses, “EssayTyper uses a patented combination of magic and Wikipedia to help you write your essay – fast! That said, please do not ever try to use this legitimately. The magic part is not real…and that’s plagiarism.”

Is EssayTyper Safe?

Speaking about the security of personal data and information, EssayTyper is safe. You need not indicate payment data as there is no need to pay for this online tool.

Is EssayTyper Plagiarism-free?

If only it was so simple to write an essay, it would make the lives of students much easier. Unfortunately, EssayTyper breaks dreams. It proposes information mostly from Wikipedia articles concerning your topic. It means that plagiarism is guaranteed to you, and you can forget about the uniqueness of your essay.

Does EssayTyper Have Discounts?

As EssayTyper is a free site, there are no discounts or promo codes for new clients or returning customers. We wonder who would use this online tool more than one time.


EssayTyper would be a great online tool if only it proposes rewritten information from different resources. It is a brilliant idea to let clients create own essay using just tips of a generator. It could enable students to be well-oriented in a topic and would not direct that many students become confused during defense in front of the class and educator. Nevertheless, there is always a fallback. You can order writing your essay from a reliable essay writing service. No doubt they can have expert writers in various fields who are ready to assist you day and night. They can likewise deliver a written essay in advance so that you have time to read it, check on plagiarism, and prepare for a defense. We think it is the best solution when you do not have sufficient time to write an essay with your own efforts.

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