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Among the many services offering students help with their academic load, we can single out two main approaches. One of them is the “writing service” that composes the texts on the customers’ requests. Another method is the tutoring service that won’t do the task, but it will help the students to improve their own skills. The Time4writing company represents the second approach.

The company overview

Time4writing is a company that offers online writing classes. It focuses on the elementary, middle, and high school students. The teaching process presumes that the students will get regular writing tasks and do the papers. Then their tutors will check and review the ready texts remotely and give feedback. The goal of Time4writing is not to take the student’s duty on themselves, but to teach the teenagers to write.

This fact removes the doubt is Time4writing legit at once. It is one of the platforms that sell tutoring services. No one in the world would find anything unethical in the intent to improve their own skills and knowledge by hiring the coach.

At the same time, students and their parents who consider ordering this service might hesitate. The Time4writing services are paid, and the potential customers want to be sure about the quality they receive. There are some Time4writing reviews on the Web, but they are controversial to some extent. We found opposite feedbacks and decided we should examine this case ourselves.

Qualification of the team members

The name of the company can be misleading. Customers might think they will collaborate with the hired writers, but it is not so. The employees are not the Time4Wrting writers – they are teachers who can explain how to do the writing task and evaluate them. They should point out the weak points, teach how to strengthen them, and then help to secure the results.

According to the feedback on the Web, some clients found these services helpful. They claimed that they were able to improve their skills and get much better prepared for college tasks. Other customers complained about wasting money. Most likely, this depends on the teachers and their communication with the students.

What we should praise the Time4Wrting team is providing detailed information about their employees on the official website. You can learn about the education and teaching experience of each person. Teachers are not forbidden to do consulting services, so there is no need to hide their personality.

On the other hand, there are Time4Wrting writers of different qualifications. And the disadvantage is that you can’t choose the tutor yourself.

Quality of the services

The company offers several teaching courses for ENL and ESL students. The latter ones may find this service especially useful, as they often have trouble with doing essays and other writing tasks.

The package you can offer is intended for eight weeks. Each week is one “unit” with its own goal. There are no limitations for the starting date – you can order the course any time and start learning.

The contents and the quality of the course materials do not differ from other tutoring services’ offers. We heard complaints that the prices do not meet the quality, but we find them reasonable. It looks like the Time4writing service is one in the row, and it does not differ from its competitors.

At the same time, there can’t be any Time4writing scam accusations – their teachers work according to the program and do their best to help the students. The results will depend equally on their qualifications and the student’s efforts.


As this company sells its services, the price is the factor that worries the users.

Prices of the courses

No matter which course level you order, the Time4writing prices remain the same. It is $119 for eight weeks. During this period, the students have constant access to the service and can submit their works for evaluation and remarks. However, this timeframe is limited: after the end of the eighth week, the customer loses access. It does not matter how many learning sessions they had.

Students can have a break in the course, though. Depending on their needs, they can request from several weeks to one month off. Temporary suspension of the learning costs $5. During the off-period, students can’t access the materials and their tutors. Only one such period is allowed.

The price may seem high enough, especially for parents who purchase such courses for the children in the elementary school. Besides, the system where you do the work independently and then get the feedback can cause additional difficulties for the younger children. Their parents will need to assist them. At the same time, the course contents demand to possess decent-level writing skills – it is not the option to learn from scratch.

How to pay for the courses

The Time4writing company accepts payments with any debit or credit card belonging to the primary systems – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Discounts & promos

It looks like such a thing as the Time4writing discount code does not exist at all. We never met any mentions about any promo campaigns or special offers run by this company. It is quite typical for this field – the tutoring services prefer to have a stable pricing model and the strict policy. So, if you ever meet some Time4writing coupon – that will most likely be a fraud.

Functionality of the service

Customer experience is vital for all online services, especially teaching companies. They must provide excellent communication options. Otherwise, they won’t be able to assure the quality of the services.

Website’s Design and usability

The owners did an excellent job of making their official website. It is user-friendly and very informative. Though the misleading name of the company might cause a wrong understanding of their services, you will get all the information about them on any page.

Customer Support

The Time4writing company does not have a customer care department as such. Students and their parents should discuss all the issues and resolve all the matters with their teachers directly. There is the option to contact the owners and the chief managers of the service if needed.

Service delivery

Learning is not real-time. The students should perform their tasks independently and upload them for evaluation. The teachers will review them and send feedback with their remarks and recommendations. According to the company’s policy, they must respond within 24 hours on weekdays and within 72 hours if the work was sent before the weekend.

Teachers and students can communicate via the embedded messaging system in the Time4writing portal, but it is not a live chat. Though, if you are lucky to ‘catch’ the teachers when they are online – you can get their response faster.

Additional options

The only feature worth mentioning is the opportunity to stop and ‘freeze’ the course in the middle for some time and resume it later. Except for this, there are no extra features. It is also traditional for tutoring companies – they teach the students, but don’t do any more tasks.


Like it is already mentioned, the company provides the teaching services. Due to the ‘two-side’ nature of the process, the success will depend on both participants’ skills and efforts.

Reputation of the company

Having researched the reviews and feedbacks, we can assume that this company is reliable enough. They do precisely what they promise and don’t provide any unethical services. Negative feedbacks reflect some particular cases of cooperation, but they don’t form a tendency.

Time4writing guarantees

There is the 14-days money-back guarantee. This period would be enough to evaluate the quality of the service. If it does not meet your requirements – you can cancel the order.

As for the academic performance guarantees, it is hardly possible to give such. Writing skills depend on the teacher and the student’s talents.

Company’s services  

The system of Time4writing includes the three ‘curriculum’ sections for the Elementary, Middle, and High School students. Every ‘curriculum’ itself consists of the three levels – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. The customers can purchase each of these courses separately.

Unfortunately, the range of examples is rather limited. The company teaches just ordinary papers – essays and research papers. There are also specific courses targeted towards improving the grammar. In general, it can form a good base for further college studies.

Time4writing in essence

The company is one of many players in the field of tutoring. It has its programs oriented towards doing the college papers. Taking into consideration that most of the students have trouble facing the writing assignment, such courses can help to get prepared for the higher educational load.

But we need to point out that it is not a writing company. They are ready to help you to improve your own writing skills, but they won’t do the papers for you. Thus, the company is useless if you need the ready text and not the 8-weeks online consulting.

As for the quality of the service they provide – they are pretty much similar to those done by other online tutors. It is not an individual approach, and it is not real-time. Besides, the qualifications of the writers can be different, and you might not get the best teaching expert.

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

If you need the writing service that will get you the ready paper according to your requirements, then you should not by no means refer to the Time4writing company. It is not their field, and they don’t provide the services you demand. However, you can find an excellent match for the writing task in one of the companies from the top of our rankings.  

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Let’s answer the most common user questions about a famous company Time4writing. It is popular because of its extraordinary approach to writing. But is this service really worth the students’ attention?

What is time4writing.com?

Time4writing is a company that offers writing classes for students. Instead of offering on-demand writing services, they educate the students to write high-quality academic papers. The online teaching process involves regular writing tasks and checking them by tutors. The students receive feedback from writing specialists. This service aims to teach students to handle their writing assignments themselves without help from special services. 

Is time4writing.com legit?

We haven’t found any issues related to the legitimacy of this service. We haven’t also noticed any customer reviews that state the fact that this service has problems with being legit. The reviews told only about the poor quality of their educational services. 

Is time4writing.com reliable?

We wouldn’t be confident in the reliability of this website. The courses they offer are pretty similar to the courses of other services. Moreover, many students aren’t satisfied with the quality of feedback provided by the tutors. They complain that the answers to their questions can come too late and they are too general and brief. 

Is time4writing a scam?

We can’t say so, as this website offers a refund guarantee in case their student is not satisfied with the quality of the services. This offer lasts 14 days after the student enrolls in the course. 

Is time4writing safe?

We haven’t found any safety concerns from the users of this service. The payment was secure, and there were numerous options from reliable payment systems. The matters of user privacy are bigger concerns for custom writing services. 

Is time4writing plagiarism-free?

We can’t say anything about plagiarism as this website doesn’t provide custom writing services. But we can say that their courses are overpriced, and their quality is below average. We don’t recommend these writing courses.

Are there time4writing trustworthy? 

We can’t say that trustworthiness is the suitable criteria for this website as the success relies not only on them but also on the dedication and effort of their students. This website provides the services it offers, but its quality leaves much to be desired. Students say they would like to extend the program so that they could learn more than the basics.