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  • Affordable Prices – 2
  • Online reputation – 5
  • Skilled Writers – 2
  • Safety Guarantees – 2
  • User Friendly Support – 1
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September, 2021 Last Update

Student writing assignments are always challenging, no matter how much you actually like them. Even if you’re a talented author who can easily choose words to create amazing texts, it takes a lot of time and effort. Besides, your professor is most likely pretty demanding, and it means the overall process becomes much more stressful.

Considering the workload typical for modern students, it is no wonder that they hire professional authors to write an essay or a term paper from scratch. When you have someone, you can rely on, and it saves you pretty much time you can devote to your hobbies and any other activities that are not related to studies. 

PapersOwl is one of such companies that provide students with writing services. But it doesn’t mean you should trust it unconditionally. Let’s delve deeper to find out an answer for the essential question: PapersOwl real or fake?

First Impression: Should you trust it?

When it comes to paid services, the first impression is not that thing you should listen to. Once you open the website, you see a typical selling landing, and it is impossible to make some conclusions.

Scammers usually invest in the design and other usability features to attract more customers. They also use various keywords in different parts of the website since it helps increase the global search position. 

But what you can do in the first 5 minutes is check: is Papersowl real? Scroll the page to find out that this company was registered in 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Looks not so impressive, right?

Website Design

The website design of this company looks pretty much like all other popular writing companies. They used traditional blue and white colors. The only thing that distinguishes this service is an owl, their symbol, as you can understand from the title.

We can’t say that the homepage is neat since it is cluttered with design details, infographics, and, of course, calls to buy their services.  

Usability and Customer Experience

The web page navigation can be called the weakest point of Papersowl’s website design. After you visit it for the first time, it is not easy to understand what they offer and how much their services cost. You should always scroll the page down to find answers to your questions. 

Besides, some pages need time to load, and it looks annoying. You visit such websites to save your time, not to waste it.

Accessibility Of Necessary Information

It depends on what you call the necessary information. For example, if you need an order form, you will mention it immediately. Maybe it is a smart choice of the company management to make visitors place an order. But they shouldn’t think people are stupid. It would be better if the really useful information was traceable. 


Each company has some pros, even if it is not the best option to choose from. Let’s see what can PapersOwl provide you with:

  • good website design;
  • scope of all writing services students may need;
  • additional free services and tools;
  • blog with articles.


Advantages don’t matter pretty much when there are a lot of cons. But you can understand it only when you compare. Here is a list of some disadvantages we have mentioned:

  • prices are not reasonable;
  • the bidding system;
  • unexperienced writers;
  • difficulty to find useful information on the website;
  • the requirement to share your data before you make an order.

What Services Does This Company Offer?

Papersowl specializes in student writing tasks. You can order:

  • Different types of essay;
  • Research paper;
  • Case study;
  • Dissertation;
  • Thesis;
  • Capstone project;
  • Coursework;
  • Lab report;
  • Literature review;
  • Speech. 

There is also an opportunity to order editing services. Besides, students can use some tools for free. For example, there is a Papersowl plagiarism checker, title page maker, thesis generator, and so on. 

Pricing Policy

When you’re going to buy something, you surely want to know its price. You don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a description of prices. However, you’ll fail with this goal at the website. To find out how much do they charge for papers, you need to click on the Order button and provide basic information on your assignment. It is definitely not a user-friendly approach. 

Why should you provide your data if you even don’t know whether their prices are reasonable? Maybe they think that you won’t waste time and therefore will submit an order here. 

Prices And Discounts

So, why don’t they have regular pricing? It is because of the very interesting system. When you place an order for an essay or any other paper, you receive bids from writers and can choose one of them. Or you can pay $10 to let the company pick the best author for you. 

Honestly, we don’t think it is the working approach. When you receive bids, you won’t prefer the cheapest one because you will think it has the lowest quality. And, of course, you don’t want to pay too much. 

Besides, they don’t have any discounts. The only way how you can make the price lower is to choose a cheap author. Even if it is your first order, or you’re a regular customer. However, they have a referral program where you can receive $35 if you bring them a friend who will make an order. 

Payment Options Available

And what about payment options? Again, PapersOwl doesn’t provide a huge list of them. There are only 5 methods you can choose from:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard;
  • JCB;
  • American Express;
  • Union Pay.

It means that if you want to pay via, for example, PayPal, you don’t have such an opportunity. 

Refund Guarantee

You may think that we have described enough weird things about this company. But there is one more fact that you should know. PapersOwl doesn’t have a clear money-back policy. They just don’t have a section with guarantees, so customers can only suggest what they should do if they are not happy with the papers’ quality. So you may ask yourself: is Papersowl legit?

Actually, they must guarantee you a refund, but it doesn’t mean you’ll like the conditions. If you open their Terms and Conditions document, you’ll see that Papersowl gives you 3 calendar days to request a refund only. And most likely, that will decline it. 

Reputation On The Internet

Any time when you need to decide whether you should work with a company, don’t hurry. It is important to read some Papersowl reviews, especially from real customers. They have a section with testimonials on their website, but how can you know they are not created just to impress you?

Type in the search bar Papersowl Reddit, Trustpilot, or Sitejabber, and you’ll see that the online reputation of this company is definitely not flawless. People write a lot of negative reviews about poor quality papers, delays, non-reasonable prices, etc. 

Who are their top-writers?

Writers are the people who are responsible for the final result. You can ask your friend to help you with your homework, but you hire a professional to have a guarantee. Obviously, when clients pay for services, they expect to receive something that will truly impress their professor.

When you open the Top Writers section on, you can see the name, the level, the rating, amount of finished papers, and reviews. There are no samples, and you can’t even read this review. Authors’ photos look like they were bought on the photo stock. So, it is impossible to understand something about their level. You can’t even be sure that these people really exist. 

Is It Possible To Chat With The Writer?

Customers are not allowed to communicate with the authors. The only moment when you see their messages is when you submit your order. In the future, you’ll need to send requests via the customer support manager who is supposed to help you. It is definitely inconvenient, so many students just wait until they receive a final draft. And it may be disappointing since you had no opportunity to make some amends. 

Education And Qualification Of The Writer

Of course, they say that PapersOwl’s writers are real experts. But as we have already understood, we don’t have any proofs to be sure they exist. Besides, if you read customers’ testimonials, you will see that they are not satisfied with their papers. They say regular students from poor countries write these pieces. Most of them contain mistakes, typos, plagiarism. And, of course, a lot of them don’t sound native. It is easy to believe that their authors are people who study English as their second language. 

Samples To Understand The Writing Style

PapersOwl doesn’t offer any samples to understand how do their authors write. So you need to order a paper and pray to receive a decent result. We think it is too risky. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you can try it. But most people prefer to trust reliable companies who provide them with some guarantees. 

Safety Guarantees

Actually, they don’t have a section with guarantees to help you feel safer. But if you devote some time to exploring the website, you’ll find out what they promise their customers:

  • Professional writers;
  • Plagiarism-free policy;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Privacy policy.

You can easily find many PapersOwl online reviews where people say their papers are poor, contain plagiarism, and were delivered with huge delays. It means you can’t be sure that your personal data is really confidential. 

Make An Order With Fewer Hurdles

The ordering process is really very easy. Once you open the company’s website, you instantly see the big Order Now CTA. Click it to proceed to the order form. Choose the paper type, indicate the deadline, the number of pages, type the topic, and provide any additional details. All other writing services have the same order page structure. Moreover, you can also choose the author’s quality. 

After that, you need to login and wait for the bids of the authors. Don’t expect you’ll receive a dozen offers in the first minutes. Of course, each customer gets a reply, but waiting can be really frustrating especially when you have a tough deadline. 

24/7 Customer Support

One more thing you expect when you pay for a service is customer support. It means you can get some sort of professional help whenever you need it. For example, you don’t need to look for an answer yourself when you have a question since there is a manager who will provide you with it. 

Most writing companies provide 24\7 customer support service because they work online for customers from different time zones. They have a live chat, phone, and email. 

PapersOwl has such an opportunity as well. You can easily find their contacts and begin the live chat. However, it isn’t actually live. Firstly, you need to share your personal data, even before you send a question. If you open chat and write nothing, their bot will send you a lot of annoying messages. And, of course, they don’t answer pretty fast.

Final Verdict

As you may understand from our review, we can’t recommend this service to anyone. They may have some advantages and nice features, but they are not those things that matter. This company should focus on its main services: writing ones. And it is important to improve their customer support. A lot of clients are not satisfied; it is a crucial factor for the reputation.

Our final rate is 2.4. We are disappointed since we thought that PapersOwl could provide us with something really interesting. Below you’ll find 2 main aspects we considered. 

Quality Of Service

A lot of flaws can be justified if the company provides students with high-quality services. But it doesn’t. It looks like they have a team of freelancers from third-world countries who are able to write regular papers. They invested a lot in the website design and ads, and they prepared a lot of content to create the image of a trustworthy company.

Unfortunately, the principle “fake it until you make it” doesn’t work with professional services. If they want to attract more real customers who are ready to pay for papers, they need to change their approaches. 

Compliance With Deadlines

And the second essential aspect is timely delivery. You can’t ask your professor to wait because the author hasn’t provided you with a paper on time. It is very important and may lead to bad marks and a spoiled academic reputation.

Customers write they receive papers with huge delays, and when it comes to a money refund, they have only 3 calendar days for a request. It is not fair. 

Order A Paper From A Trustworthy Writing Company

Our Papersowl review is negative, but it doesn’t mean all writing companies are bad. The market is pretty saturated, and there are different options. That’s why we explore them to provide you with an honest opinion. Read our reviews to find out which companies deserve your attention. We know you’ll make a great final choice! 

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If you want to learn more updates about the work of the company, here are some of the most commonly asked questions. By reading the answers, you will get more useful info about the work of the services.

Is PapersOwl real?

The website exists on the web. You may enter it and use it for many purposes. There are different useful articles to help students orient themselves in the tasks. You can also order paper writing help from the writers.

Can I trust PapersOwl?

The answer is quite controversial. Some users say that the cooperation with the service was neutral. While others admit that the company doesn’t pay much attention to the needs of the customers.

Is PapersOwl plagiarized?

In many cases, the papers feature plagiarized content. Nevertheless, the company claims it provides only 100% original papers, but a lot of users don’t agree with this statement. Final versions of the papers are partially plagiarized in many cases.

Is PapersOwl scam?

There were some cases when users complained about the work of the service. Sometimes, it was about the quality of the final work. In other situations, customers complained about the deadline and money transactions.

Is PapersOwl legit?

The company is popular among the students. However, it has a huge drawback. There were lots of cases when the writers sent plagiarized content or refused to refund money on purpose. The Company hesitates to provide necessary papers to prove the lawfulness of its activity online.

Is PapersOwl reliable?

Can you trust the service? If you need a mediocre result and you aren’t afraid to lose money, you may try the service. However, the popular thought is that the company offers quite bad services. For this reason, you would better choose another academic paper provider.

PapersOwl writers?

On the website, they say that the team of writers consists of mere professionals. But in practice, students receive bad-quality work with lots of mistakes. The same thing is with the content that leaves much to be desired.