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  • Affordable Prices – 2.1
  • Online reputation – 2.5
  • Skilled Writers – 3
  • Safety Guarantees – 3.9
  • User Friendly Support – 4
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September, 2021 Last Update

Student life is never easy. In fact, it doesn’t have to be like that. We learn something new, acquire useful knowledge and skills, and develop only when we face difficulties. Most likely, you noticed that you made the most progress when you had to deal with some challenges.

So what are the challenges most students are familiar with? First of all, these are writing assignments. Until you are a born Stephen King, you probably find it difficult to combine words into sentences and create texts that have good structure and informative content.

You’re not alone. Many other students also face a similar problem. They may have a variety of talents, but it doesn’t matter if your professor is expecting an essay or term paper from you.

This is the main reason why writing companies like BoomEssays have become popular these days. Regardless of where you live and where you study, you can order paper online and receive it by email. But before you do that, you need to ask yourself a question: is BoomEssays legit? And we are ready to answer it.

Can You Trust The First Impression?

The high demand for writing services leads to the emergence of fraudulent companies. They make money from gullible students and send poor quality papers (or don’t send them at all). When placing an order on a fraudulent website, you waste time, money and spoil your grades and reputation. That is why it is important to find out some information about the company to see whether BoomEssays scam and whether you can trust it.

It is not always easy to tell from the first impression. Having opened the website, you see that it is bright and creative, does not contain errors, and calls to place an order. Therefore, we dug deeper and analyzed all available information to provide you with a detailed and honest BoomEssays review.

Website Design Features

In all fairness, the design is not the yardstick that determines the quality of a writing service. However, it can make a difference. If a company has an overly simple landing page full of ads, it’s off-putting. Scammers rarely invest in the development and design of really good websites because they want to get money, not spend it.

What can we say about this company from the look of its landing page? It is really cute and original. Of course, they didn’t reinvent the wheel, but they don’t copy the designs of other similar services either. The only thing is that they chose a not very comfortable font size, especially if you have poor eyesight.


Web design as a picture is not as important as site usability. You will leave here if the pages take too long to load, errors constantly appear, banners with advertisements pop up, etc.

This is not here. Not because they cared about usability for clients, but because the website itself is very simple. They simply did not overload it with any unnecessary details, and therefore it is quite convenient to use.

The landing page is traditionally quite long. It contains a lot of data about the company, including reasons why you should order the paper right here. But you can see the main sections at the top of it and find the information you need.


  • Stylish website;
  • Various payment methods;
  • Useful grammar guide.


  • Bad online reputation;
  • High prices;
  • Poor papers’ quality;
  • Delays;
  • Non-native authors;
  • Lack of support.

BoomEssays Services

Once you click on the Services section, you can easily find a list of services you can order. It includes:

  • essay writing;
  • research paper writing;
  • dissertation writing;
  • thesis writing;
  • admission essay writing;
  • copywriting;
  • resume;
  • math\science.

It looks not so long, but when you fill in the order form with your requirements, you can indicate any other student papers as well, e.g., the article or lab report. The good news is that they deal not with essays only, but it is still unclear why they can’t just write all assignments and subject areas here, in the Services section. If you need a case study and you don’t find it in this list, you won’t click Order, you’ll go away, looking for another service. So, this solution was a mistake. 


BoomEssays pricing policy is definitely not the most affordable. On the one hand, they say they have different ranges for different academic levels. And you think it is good since high school students shouldn’t pay as much as Ph.D. students do.

Their prices are really based on 3 criteria:

  • your academic level;
  • number of pages;
  • deadline. 

The cheapest offer you can expect is $13 per page. If you’ve already researched the market, you know that it is way above overage. Just imagine, if you need a college-level essay that contains 6 pages and your deadline is in 2 weeks, you should pay $77.94 for it. And what if you’re in a hurry? The closer a deadline is, the higher are BoomEssays prices.  


Now you think: maybe they have some discounts? Maybe they can reduce the price?

Actually, they can. But let’s see whether their conditions are reasonable.

They can offer you a life-time BoomEssays discount. After 15 pages, you get 5%, after 50 pages, you get 10%, and after 100 pages, you get 15%. So, you need to pay more than a thousand dollars to get just a 15% discount. 

Another opportunity is to find the BoomEssays discount code on the website. It will give you 15% off your first order. It sounds better. 

Payment Opportunities

It is important to know which payment systems the company supports since scammers don’t work with famous platforms. Take a look:

  • PayPal;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • Wire Transfer.

So, at least you can be sure that your payment data is protected. They collaborate with all well-known systems, and there are no reasons to worry. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Never place an order until you have read the terms of returning money to its customers if they are not satisfied with the services. As you understand, even if you receive some part of the amount or even the entire amount, this does not compensate for the damage. Just imagine what would happen if your professor accused you of plagiarism. They will have to pay you more!

But they won’t. Moreover, customers who have already placed orders here face difficulties in getting their own money back. For example, customer support managers answer for a very long time, and you only have a few days to request a call. Moreover, you need to prove that your paper is bad, and that also takes time and effort.

Online reputation

The Internet opens up a huge number of opportunities for today’s customers. If you want to buy something or use some services, you can easily find information about any company online.

There is a Reviews section on, but they all look too good to be true. Therefore, it is very important to use independent portals.

You can find honest BoomEssays reviews on such platforms as TrustPilot or SiteJabber. People write what they think about this company, and we can’t say we are not disappointed with their comments. For example, people write, “Stay away!”, “Don’t order”, “They don’t honor money-back guarantee”. It is easy to understand that a lot of people are unhappy. There are also answers from managers with apologies, but they look pretty automatic. 

Papers’ Quality

To write this BoomEssays website review, we’ve ordered an essay from this company. So, they delivered it with a small delay. We can’t say the draft that we’ve received was disgusting or absolutely inappropriate. But it definitely wasn’t professional. We know that students are required to write clear papers with good structure and short sentences. But it doesn’t mean they should write as 5-graders. Besides, the document contained some mistakes that are typical for non-native speakers.

Additionally, we checked the paper through Copyscape, and it found 10% of plagiarism since they paraphrased content. 

Who Are Their Writers?

So, what conclusions can we make from the information we have for now? We think their authors are people from different countries who study English as their second language and want to earn some money. Most likely, the management even doesn’t pay them enough because it is not the level when you receive $13 per page. We’d pay such authors about $1 per page, just for their time.

We could say it was randomness, and they have a lot of qualified experts with Masters, and Ph.D. degrees. But other customers are not satisfied as well, so it is not.

Samples To Use

Samples are usually used to understand how your author writes. But on this website, they are published without any names. These are just pieces of text you may use for your inspiration. They are not formatted appropriately, so they won’t help you with an APA or an MLA document. And you don’t know for sure who has written these samples. They could copy them from the Internet or buy somewhere. 

Safety Guarantees

Before you decide to make an order, read the Terms and Conditions document to ensure you know your rights and guarantees.

For example, if you’re unhappy with the final draft, you can request a free revision within two weeks. How do you think, how quickly will they respond to you? So, first, you wait for your paper for 14 days, then you need to proofread it and find a lot of mistakes, and then you will ask for a revision? Students don’t have so much time, so it is better to know about this in advance. 

Order Form

If you’re ready to submit an order, you won’t face any difficulties. The only thing you need is to click the big Order Now button. Then complete the form with paper details and order preferences.

Try to provide as much data as is possible since it will be your only chance to request revisions and get your money back. You need to explain your expectations in detail. If you have some additional files, e.g., a list of instructions, a guide, a draft, some notes, you can upload them as well.

Customer Support Managers

On the one hand, BoomEssays have a chat to stay in touch with customers. But on the other hand, it is not that live chat companies promise when they tell about 24\7 customer support.

They ask you to provide your request along with contact data, and they will respond to you. When? We don’t know. Some customers needed to wait an hour or even more until the manager sent them an automatic answer.

And of course, when it comes to some conflict situations, customer support managers can just ignore you. 

Final Word

Is BoomEssays legit? Yes, it is. They have all the necessary documents: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, etc. But it doesn’t mean you can trust this company.

Our final rate is 3.1 since they still have some nice features. But we wouldn’t recommend this writing service until you want to waste your time and money. This decision is based on all factors we have described above. But 2 primary aspects are impossible to ignore:

Quality Of Writing Services

Sometimes students are willing to wait and pay a lot of money. This is justified when they get amazing papers from the best authors. If this is your chance to improve grades and impress the professor, you should take advantage of it.

But BoomEssays does not give you that chance, which means it does not fulfill its main function: to provide customers with quality writing service. This is Russian Roulette: you might get a nice document. But most likely not. You’d rather ask a fellow student to help you with your homework than order something here.

Timely Delivery

And the second reason why we would never recommend this company is lack of compliance with deadlines. If you deliver a bad paper, you can receive a C-grade. But if you don’t deliver a paper on time, it is much worse.

All writing companies promise they will send the final draft on the date you have indicated when submitting an order. It is a realistic goal if they are organized well and control their authors. Why do BoomEssays’ customers need to wait longer? It is a secret because their papers don’t look like they are worked through.

Order A Paper From A Trustworthy Writing Company

Of course, we are disappointed that some companies on the market can’t provide students with decent writing services. The demand is high, and we’d like more good organizations to help people from different countries. We can offer you a list of the most reliable solutions, so you can check our reviews and choose the best company to complete your homework!

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BoomEssays is an online writing service that offers a shortlist of services. You can order your essay, research paper, thesis, or dissertation at the website. The service offers a stylish website and an operative writing guide.

What is boomessays?

BoomEssays is the online writing platform to order academic papers. This service is quite tricky since it brings no clear refund policy or revisions. Thus, you can risk your money once placing an order.

Is boomessays legit?

You will not find solid proof that this service is a legit one or a scam. Still, it does not have a decent online reputation and student appreciation for sure. It should work as a warning for you.

Is boomessays reliable?

When ordering at the website, you cannot be sure of getting a wanted top-quality paper eventually. The service delivers quite low-quality papers. Besides, the guarantees are very unclear and can be ignored by the company’s representatives.

Is boomessays a scam?

You definitely cannot title the service as “a scam”. Still, with the bad quality of papers and lack of proper guarantees, you may need to look for other online platforms to order your paper.

Is boomessays safe?

With no decent money-back guarantee, the writing service cannot be called safe. I received a poor-quality essay, and my free revision request was declined after. Thus, I simply wasted my money for nothing.

Is boomessays plagiarism-free?

You will not get any real guarantee of plagiarism-free papers. Besides, if you even check the paper with plagiarism-checking tools and find it plagiarized, there is a small chance you will get your money back in the end.

Are there boomessays discounts?

You can get a one-offer 15% discount. Still, if you tend to find a company that offers top-notch papers, you should not focus on a small one-time discount as a benefit. It will not assure you of getting a flawless paper timely in the end.