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  • Affordable Prices – 1.5
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 4
  • Safety Guarantees – 3
  • User Friendly Support – 2
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September, 2021 Last Update

We have read dozens of papercoach reviews, and all of them were extremely different. Some of them stated that this service was good, while others – that it was the worst academic helper on the Internet. That is why we decided to place an order of our own and check whether they are reliable.

Is papercoach trustworthy? Can you entrust them with your money? Let’s just say that they failed to meet our expectations. We have ordered an essay on English literature and expected it to be a rather simple task. Want to find out about the results? Continue reading!

Our first impression

In this papercoach review, we are going to cover every aspect of their services: from website and prices to customer support and communication with the writers. But let us start with the first impression.

When coming to the platform for the first time, users wonder, is papercoach legit? Will it be easy to place an order? Can I get in touch with them quickly? Unfortunately, no.

User experience

The navigation of the platform is rather poor, even though their developers tried to do everything properly. But they added too much information, so the website seems too noisy and cluttered. Everywhere you see ads and commercials, and it is difficult to find the data you are looking for. That is why UX at PaperCoach is rather poor.


We must say that the design of their platform is rather outdated. The blue and white color scheme is rather standard; they didn’t even come up with something new and original. However, some of the cartoonish pictures are nicely drawn. But the biggest disadvantage of their design is a lack of individuality and creativity.

Availability of information 

There is information about their services, terms, and guarantees, but you will have to spend extra time trying to get to it through all the commercials and pop-up windows. Unfortunately, we have noticed that they’ve simply copied the Policy section from other websites without adding anything new and original. 


Is papercoach reliable? Should I place an order here? Let us try to break up the service into pros and cons.

Its advantages are:

  • Simple design;
  • Big number of provided services;
  • Low price for simplest papers.


  • Poor paper quality;
  • Late delivery;
  • Absence of guarantees;
  • Unprofessional customer support.

Services they provide

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated page with available services, so to find out whether they can cope with your assignment, you should create an account and head to the order form. When we were placing an order, we saw the following types of assignments: essays, research papers, book reviews, case studies, cover letters, biographies, and presentations.

They say that there are over 30 types of services on the platform in total, but if you subtract different dissertation types, there will be less than 20 services left. This means that PaperCoach has a rather limited range of services compared to other companies.


Now is the right time to discuss the papercoach price range. As always, the prices depend on multiple factors, including your academic level, number of pages, and deadlines. At Papercoach, the price remains the same, not depending on the essay type. We think it is unfair that students with simpler tasks have to pay the same price for more complex orders.

However, prices vary when choosing writing from scratch, rewriting, proofreading/editing, and problem-solving. The lowest price is a high school paper with a 14-day deadline. Its one page costs $7.99. An admission paper is the most expensive, and if it is urgent, you’ll have to pay $66.

As you see, even though the starting price at Papercoach is low, the urgent orders are rather expensive and might not be affordable for many customers.

Banking methods

At Papercoach, users can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Bitcoin. No major e-wallets, which significantly complicates the process. We prefer using PayPal because it is one of the most secure payment operators that are ready to interfere and return your money. When a writing company doesn’t cooperate with PayPal, it makes us think that the platform has things to hide.

Features and promotions

It was extremely interesting to find out whether there is a papercoach discount code or other benefits available. The best writing companies offer loyalty programs and free pages, but that is not the case with PaperCoach.

The only feature we have found was a papercoach coupon. It is given on special occasions and is usually subjected to particular events and holidays—for example, Halloween or Christmas. However, the company decides what percentage to offer, so it may be either 15% or 2%: you’ll never know.

Refund policy

Well, PaperCoach claims that they return the money if you didn’t like the result. However, after trying to get free revisions, we wanted to contact the support team and get a refund. And guess what? No one ever answered! They don’t return the money, so you can say goodbye to your funds.


If you search for papercoach Reddit reviews, you will see that this academic writing company doesn’t have many fans. Students claim that the service has poor writers, high prices, rude customer support, and a complete absence of guarantees. Plus, they are often late with submissions.

Unfortunately, our own experience proves this point of view, and it seems that positive comments on other platforms were bought or written by lucky customers.

Everything about their writers

It is stated that there are 1,146 writers at PaperCoach. However, we are sure that it is not true because our simple literature essay took lots of time to complete. As if they were looking for an author. And the quality of the received paper proves that the assigned writer didn’t know a thing about the topic.

How to communicate with the author

Even though PaperCoach claims that they encourage direct communication with the author, it is impossible to reach the assigned writer when you need it. The procedure is rather complex: you should contact customer support, tell them about your requests, and wait till the writer answers.

However, customer support rarely answers, so it is almost impossible to add comments in the process or to find out about the updates. 

Proficiencies and degree

Our essay was of low quality, and it was obvious that the assigned writer didn’t have a degree in the topic and subject. Even though they claim that the authors are native English speakers, it is as clear as day that the writers are ESL because the mistakes were elementary, and the sentence structure was wrong.

Quality Of papers

We didn’t like the quality of completed papers because there were numerous mistakes, the absence of citations, poor structure, and little research. The whole essay looked clumsy: as if someone copied parts of the text from several sources, and they don’t have any logical connections.

Writing Style

The writing style of our writer was far from perfect. As we have already mentioned, the sentence structure was poor, and there were lots of mistakes. We have also noticed that the content was rather plain as if written by an elementary school student or a person with a poor English vocabulary.

Security and protection

Unfortunately, PaperCoach guarantees are available only on paper, and if you received a low-quality paper, it is quite difficult to return your money. On its website, the company claims to provide the following guarantees:

  • Revision Policy;
  • Refund;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Cookie Policy.

But if you have a closer look at these sections, you will see that they are written in common words and phrases and don’t provide any real value. Moreover, we have scanned the text on plagiarism software, and it turned out that the data on these pages is plagiarized. They simply copied the same pages as their competitors instead of writing everything on their own.

After receiving a poor quality essay and awful revisions, we tried to get a refund but failed. That is why their guarantees are fake, and no one is going to fix the problem. 

How to make an order

To place an order or to calculate the price, you need to sign up. It is impossible to check whether they are affordable or not in advance, so you may waste extra time. After creating an account, you need to place an order by providing all the necessary details. Unfortunately, many important bars are missing, so you should check everything attentively and add the comments section’s requirements.

Based on our experience, their writers don’t pay much attention to the instructions, so even if you give important details, there is no guarantee that they will follow all the requirements.

Once the data is provided, you should pay for the order. However, we have questions about their security policies, so it may be rather dangerous to entrust PaperCoach with your money before receiving a ready paper.

24/7 Support

Asking yourself is papercoach safe? One of the ways to check this is to tell you more about their customer support. This team should be available all the time to manage complaints, solve disputes, and assist in placing an order. At first, we thought everything’s ok with PaperCoach’s customer support because they have a live chat, email, and call back. However, when we ordered a return call to solve the issues with the ordered paper, no one phoned us.

It seems that their managers vanish once you pay the money. You literally remain one on one with a poorly written assignment, and there is no one to help. And we are not the only ones with such a problem. On the Internet, we found numerous reviews claiming that PaperCoach doesn’t have a customer support team at all!

Our verdict

Now you know about papercoach coupons, guarantees, and services. That is why it is the right time to make a conclusion and tell you about our own opinion on the company. Unfortunately, we had a bad experience with them and are not ready to recommend them. Want to know why? Go on reading!

Overall quality 

As we have already mentioned, we’ve ordered a high school level literature essay on three pages. However, the quality was rather poor. First of all, there were mistakes and typos which a native speaker would never do. Secondly, there was no in-text citation, as we requested.

Finally, there were many structure mistakes and poor logic. We concluded that the essay was written by a foreigner who simply copied parts of different online assignments. This leads to poor logic and structure.

Meeting the deadlines

Unfortunately, many students claim that PaperCoach fails to meet the deadlines. They are regularly late with delivery and don’t do anything to improve the situation. Moreover, when complaining, their managers never apologize or offer discounts or refunds.

Thus, if you have an urgent assignment or the deadlines are important for you, we recommend picking another writing company.

Choose professional writing help

Is papercoach legit? Yes, it is an academic assistant that completes papers. But is papercoach a scam? The answer is also affirmative. They copy-paste data and fail to complete good papers. That is why we recommend turning to more reliable writing companies. 

We carefully rate and review all market players, so you can choose a reliable and trustworthy provider. Just get familiar with our list of reputable writing services and pick the one you like more.

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Here you can find more information about the company and its guarantees. We collected the most common questions we receive about each company that we would not answer in the body of the main article. If you are concerned about some issues, the information should be in this section. 

What is PaperCoach?

PaperCoach is an online service that does academic writing on-demand. It covers the most popular academic assignments that most students often have issues with. Also, the company claims that it can cope with more sophisticated tasks too. It is a prepaid system. The user should describe the job and prepay it. The company does the rest. 

Is PaperCoach legit?

Yes, the company is legit. It writes academic and non-academic papers for money, and there is nothing illegal in purchasing such documents. However, these works should serve as examples only and not the papers to submit for evaluation. 

Is PaperCoach reliable?

We won’t say it is reliable because it does not provide you with high-quality documents. Users often complain about receiving mediocre papers with numerous grammar mistakes, bad structures, and incorrect formatting. You can’t rely on this company if you need to be sure of the proper performance. 

Is PaperCoach a scam?

It is not a scam. The company does not take your money for nothing – you get the ordered papers. Besides, some writers in this team are well-prepared and experienced. If you are lucky to get your order assigned to such writers, you will even get decent papers. However, the risk of failure is high too. 

Is PaperCoach safe?

We can’t say anything negative about the safety guarantees. The company cares about all aspects, from the confidentiality policy to the digital protection means. We never heard of any security problems with this company. 

Is PaperCoach plagiarism-free?

This team promises to deliver plagiarism-free papers. You can even request a plagiarism report for your order. However, when we rescanned our test papers, we detected plagiarism in them. The checker they used was not advanced enough to satisfy our needs. Besides, the company seems rather careless when it comes to plagiarism protection. 

Are there PaperCoach discounts?

PaperCoach positions itself as the company with the lowest prices. Thus, it states that the prices are already cheap for all customers. Though it offers a 9% discount in exchange for the subscription to their newsletter – you should provide your email address. The company runs promo campaigns time after time and sends discount codes. But there aren’t any regular discount programs.