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  • Reliability – 3.9
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Get familiar with WriteMyPapers service

The academic world has developed its capacity and now it influences the lives of students even more. The breakthroughs in the scientific communities need a response, and these are the students who are obliged to write about a particular event.

However, it happens sometimes that the writing process itself is difficult, as covering an issue is a demanding task. Therefore, various writing services come in handy. 

WriteMyPapers.org is one of the companies to help students with their school, college or university assignments. On the website, you can stumble upon its advantages, but there is another side of the coin. 

Writers’ competence 

The company takes pride in its writers. On the homepage, the information about the working staff is presented in sharp focus. It is obvious that the company emphasizes the high skills of the writers. However, most of the users completely disagree with the statement. 

The writers are claimed to be perfectly qualified to present the assignments of different complexity. They guarantee meeting the deadlines without harming the quality of the texts.

 At first sight, you want to trust them, as there are lots of positive writemypapers reviews on the website. However, most comments are posted a long time ago, thus, they are less likely to be credible. 

The reality is different, in fact. If you open up any other link with writemypapers review, you will see the real picture of writers’ background. The customers complain about the quality of the papers and prevent others from cooperating with the company. 

The excellence of assignments

On the website, there is writemypapers info about the exact services it provides. There is nothing special for a user not new to a game. 

Such services offer a more or less similar range of tasks they can cope with. Usually, the list of available assignments may differ insignificantly, but it is manifested in a few options only. 

Writemypapers.org cannot boast a wide range of services for its users. The list of available options is an average catalog of tasks a student may need. These are the essays, articles on various topics or academic papers of increasing complexity, like term papers or dissertations. 

The tasks are categorized into 3 main sections. These units are:

  • High school – These are mostly essays, blog posts or articles.
  • College – This section represents dissertations, term papers, etc.
  • Professional – Unfortunately, the company has no explanation of what this section is responsible for. 

Pricing policy and payments procedure

In general, the cost of papers provided by such services is not extremely different, as the companies need to gain the trust and attention of the clients. Therefore, raising the price is not a far-sighted decision. 

Writemypapers.org has developed its system to calculate the final cost, however, the customers are rather dissatisfied with it. 

Cost of the papers

Writemypapers prices are thought to be the most competitive on the market, as you will need only $11 for a one-page essay. However, there are pitfalls you can overlook at first. 

The price depends on the timing you specify and the academic level. Therefore, the final cost for a paper can be significantly higher than it is mentioned on the website. 

Thus, be ready to pay more if the time frames are tight. 

How to pay?

The payment procedure is the same for most online writing companies. At writemypapers.org you can benefit from a regular payment process. To cover the offer, you need to transfer the exact sum of money to a company’s bank account. This is an ordinary procedure for such services. 

Save your money

The service takes care of its customers in terms of money, as there are a few discount options presented on the website. At first glance, it may seem quite beneficial.

When you first turn to the company to ask for help, it provides you with a 7% discount. Therefore, you will pay less. However, this is a one-time option, and with further offers, you are to pay the full price. 

If you are a regular user and the total price you have paid exceeds $500 or $700, you are granted a 5% or 7% discount respectively. 

Main functional features 

Online paper company is not merely about the writing services it provides to the customers. The image of a company cannot stand on the services the writers provide. The user-friendliness of the web platform is what influences the success of the service. 

Website Interface

The website is the first thing you focus attention to. Any well-known writemypapers website cares a lot about the site’s design. However, writemypapers.org seems to have overlooked the process at this point. 

Customers claim the homepage is overfilled with redundant information, and it confuses the clients. On the main page, there are various additional options not important in the first place.

Website: the convenience of use

This is another point of concern the company needs to change. The website is amateurish, and it is manifested in the lack of consistency. The features are described vaguely, and the pages are not developed enough. 

Place your order

This procedure is the same for online services. You need to foil in the form, mention the requirements, pay for the service and wait till the offer is accomplished. 

Clients support

The answer to “Is WriteMyPapers reliable?” is ambiguous. On the website, you may find a US phone number. There is also a live chat and an email available to the customers. Therefore, there are enough ways to communicate with the company. 

However, the number is not tool-free, so the fee to pay is huge if you are not from the US. Moreover, the agents hesitate to answer your questions promptly. 

On-time delivery 

Writemypapers service claims its writers are ready to execute any task in the shortest possible time. However, they do not mention that the quality of the papers suffers tremendously when the writers are pressed for time. 

Added responsibilities 

WriteMyPapers is a regular service, so you can hardly find something special here. However, we have figured out it can provide its users with proofreading, editing and even typing options sometimes.


When you appeal to a service and pay money for the services it provides, it is important to ensure the system is safe to use. 

Company image 

Having researched a great amount of feedback given by the users of the site we have come up with a certain conclusion. On rare occasions, you may stumble upon some neutral reviews. However, it does not answer « Is writemypapers any good? » question. 

Lots of people were extremely disappointed with the final parts they paid for. Is writemypapers cheating on its users? In fact, the system is not flawless, but these are the people who have high expectations as well. 

Clients security

As the writemypapers reputation is questionable, people are sure that writemypapers scam system simply swindles money from them.

Unfortunately, the service has neither strong nor weak guarantees. You cannot protect your personal data or make sure you will get a top-notch copy at the end. 

Therefore, this tool is better to use as a kind of amusement. 

This program will help you with simple tasks that will be double-checked by a real person. Otherwise, the final paper will be inconsistent and full of mistakes. 

List of services

As we mentioned before, the company is focused on writing papers. Its main objective is to provide a user with a ready-to-use document in a matter of minutes. 

The process of crafting a text is dependent merely on the system and on the topic, you give to it at the very beginning. Therefore, you can choose any type of task, and writemypapers is supposed to do it. 

However, the quality will be really bad. As the task is to being performed by AL, the text will be far from perfect. 

You can try to ask for a simple essay or an article so that the structure is less complex, but the program will probably fail to open up the issue in a proper manner. Be ready to have your essay full of redundant phrases scattered across the paragraphs. 

Sum it up

The service is not considered to be a real platform to work with. It can be used by a bunch of people who either do not care about the quality of the texts or are too lazy to create at least a paragraph.

Do you know about any writemypapers scam actions towards the users? Probably, not. However, the service does not inspire trust among users. 

Therefore, it is better to opt for a more reliable company that protects its users and takes care of the products it provides. 

Opt for another service 

If the question « Is writemypapers reliable? » bothers you, you’d better think before using it. There are lots of companies responsible for academic writing. They offer assistance to the students for the same amount of price, but the quality is much better. 

Therefore, try to choose another service, so that you do not have to pay twice for the same task. 

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WriteMyPapers.org is an online service that brings writing assistance for students. The company offers writing help, tutoring, online classes, and homework preparation assistance. It covers various types of academic help, including postgraduate, for instance.

What is writemypapers.org?

WriteMyPapers.org is a writing service that allows ordering different types of academic papers, online courses, tutoring, or homework help. The website does not reveal full information about the company. You can find some limited details only.

Is writemypapers.org legit?

WriteMyPapers.org is a writing service that can be partially named legit. Still, the service withholds the full information about the company, its owners, and other legitimate details. Still, you can order your papers at the website if you choose.

Is writemypapers.org reliable?

The service does not bring top-notch quality assistance. You can order your papers online, together with online tutoring or homework assistance. Still, there is no guarantee of a decent quality of delivered services.

Is writemypapers.org a scam?

WriteMyPapers.org is a service that does not look too reliable. Sure, you can order at the platform. Still, you need to be absolutely uninterested in the results to place your order at the website. The quality is quite dubious.

Is writemypapers.org safe?

The service can hardly be named a safe one. It does not offer strong guarantees. In fact, it provides no strong or weak guarantees at all. Besides, you do not get full information about services.

Is writemypapers.org plagiarism-free?

The company brings writing assistance that cannot be mentioned as top-notch. The clients’ testimonials include numerous complaints about the low quality of services and partially plagiarized completed papers.

Are there writemypapers.org discounts?

The company brings discounts for clients. But they can reach only a few percent of the total sum. Besides, the bad quality of delivered papers, it does not improve the final results at all.