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  • Affordable Prices – 4
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 3
  • Safety Guarantees – 1
  • User Friendly Support – 1
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September, 2021 Last Update

We know how difficult it is to be a student. You have to work a lot to meet someone else’s expectations, to deliver your assignments on time, and to improve your academic performance. It is not that easy when you’re young and want to spend time with your friends. That’s why many students from different countries live under constant stress. They forget about their personal lives, and they pull an all-nighter; they sacrifice everything just to boost grades.

However, you’re not a superhero, and you shouldn’t be. If you realize that it is time to ask for help, do it. Such companies as Samedayessay are focused on students who have some difficulties with their studies. That’s why we want to provide you with this Samedayessay review and to answer your questions — is Samedayessay reliable? Is it a scam? Should you trust it?

First Impression

The first impression is really important because it decides if you want to go with this company. When you open Samedayessay com, it looks nice, and you may think that it is a perfect match. At the same time, it is not always really safe to trust your first impression since it can be deceiving. A company can invest in a good website, but not in good writers, and that’s what will disappoint you. Therefore, your first impression should still be objective and based on several factors.


At first glance, the website design looks pretty attractive. On the other hand, there is no uniqueness in it. We’ve all seen these templates before, and some other writing service will probably come to your mind. This means that the company did not devote much time to professional design. Does this mean that it has devoted this time to writers? We cannot be sure. After all, at least they haven’t messed up their landing page, and it doesn’t look terrible.


Usability is important so that you can use the site without difficulty. Unfortunately, this is not about this company. Their site looks attractive but is not functional. You need to wait for the pages to load, scroll through them in search of the necessary information, etc. In addition, some elements of the site look outdated and do not fit into the overall design.

Visibility Of Useful Information

It is very important that you can find the information you need quickly. This saves time and effort. However, the creators of this site don’t think so. They hid such important sections as Price, Warranties, Writers, etc., so that you can spend more time on the pages looking for this data. Moreover, they do not even have a separate page with a list of services. Therefore, our first impression is definitely not positive.


  • Nice website;
  • Wide range of services;
  • Free blog with articles. 


  • Poor usability;
  • Extremely high prices;
  • Annoying customer support;
  • Poor quality;
  • Plagiarized documents;
  • Lack of information. 

Samedayessay List Of Services

As we already mentioned, there is no page with a list of services. Instead, you need to scroll the website down to find this information. This company works with:

  • thesis statements;
  • biology research papers;
  • math essays;
  • programming assignments;
  • law assignments;
  • book reviews;
  • microeconomics papers;
  • speech writing;
  • Ph.D. dissertations;
  • reports;
  • calculus homework, etc. 

At the same time, this list of services looks like a list of keywords to attract more visitors. It is the only reason to explain why this list is very chaotic. For example, it includes services like “write my personal statement,” which is surely not a heading but a search request. So, you can understand that this section is focused on students who are looking for a writing service online, not for students who are already on the website and going to make the order. 

Pricing Policy doesn’t provide you with a clear pricing policy, and it is really disappointing. Most students tap the Order button only when they are sure they want to continue with this company. And now you need to do it just to find out the price. It is a waste of time. So, we checked their prices for you.

  • 1-page double-spaced college biology essay with a deadline in 7 days will cost you $14.91;
  • If you want to order an undergraduate lab report that should be ready in 3 hours, you have to pay $44.49 for 1 page.
  • A high-school math problem with a deadline of 10 days will cost you $22.56 for 1 page.

To be honest, these prices are extremely high. We don’t think that regular students can afford these services. 

Payment Options

This company works with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and SC. These methods are reliable enough, but we don’t see PayPal in this list. If you take care of your online security, ensure that your payment is protected. 

Features And Discounts

There are some additional features that you can choose when placing an order. For example, you can pay more if you want to hire a top-writer or a premium writer.

There is also a loyalty program with a Samedayessay promo code for new customers so that your first order can cost you less. 

Money Back Guarantee

The good news is that Samedayessay has a money-back guarantee. The bad news is that it is almost impossible to get your refund. Check their policies in order to find out all the details and to be prepared. And if you still want to place your order here, you should provide very clear requirements so that your author can’t say that he or she misunderstood them.

The Information About Writers

We didn’t find any information about their authors. They claim they have 1500+ experts, but they are absolutely anonymous. We understand why companies don’t provide detailed biographies, but it is a bad choice to skip this aspect at all. At least, they could tell you about their criteria for hiring so that you know what the team’s level is. 

Communication With Writer

It is impossible to contact your authors if you want to change your requirements, ask some questions, etc. The only option you have is to reach the customer support manager. However, it is not that fast and reliable. 

Academic Degree

We have ordered a fake paper just to understand the Samedayessay level. And we understood why this company didn’t provide any information about its experts. Because they are not experts. Our essay looked like it was written by a student from a third-world country. By a person who doesn’t have the appropriate skills and experience. 

Writing Quality

The paper that we received wasn’t really good. Actually, it was very disappointing. It contained structure gaps, stupid mistakes, odd word choices, etc. We have found Samedayessay reviews to understand what other people think about this level of service. Well, there are hundreds of dissatisfied comments! 

The Writing Style

It would be much better for you if you write your paper yourself. Even if your writing skills are not that good, Samedayessay writers are even worse. You can read a couple of their samples to understand that they are boring. There are absolutely no reasons to pay for such a level of services. 

Safety Guarantees

Although there is no separate page with guarantees, you can find this information if you explore the website. So, this company promises:

  • 0% plagiarism;
  • Pro authors;
  • 24\7 support;
  • Money refund.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean that they meet these guarantees. We read many Samedayessay testimonials written by their customers, and we found out that their papers are plagiarized, writers are not real experts, and it is impossible to get the money back. 

Placing the Order

If you want to place the order, you have to fill in the form with various questions. For example, you should provide your academic level, subject, type of work. You have to choose whether your paper should be double-spaced or single-spaced. It is also necessary to choose your deadline. If you have some documents to upload, you can also do it.

We can’t say that this form is unusual, but it takes some time. If you have just a couple of hours before the deadline, you should be very fast in filling in all the blanks. 

Customer Support

Customer support works round the clock, and you can reach the manager via live chat, phone, or email. Pay attention to the fact that the only goal of this service is to take your money. They answer your questions when they understand that you’re going to place an order. And when you’ve already paid and you have some claims, they can just ignore you. 

Besides, customer support managers are very annoying. We have received tons of messages while we were exploring the website. 

Final Verdict

Our final rate is 2 out of 10. If you’re looking for a reliable writing service, Samedayessay shouldn’t be your choice. This company is not able to make you happy with its services — their quality is poor and Samedayessay prices are high. Customer managers are not ready to support you and to make your life easier, and they approach you just like a person who pays money, not like a person who needs help.

The good news is that there are many other companies that deserve your attention. We reviewed services with a positive online reputation so that you can be sure that customers love them. So, check them right now, and you’ll definitely find the best one for your goals! 

Quality Of Service

When you’re looking for a writing service (actually, for any service), you should pay attention to its quality. You place an order to get an incredible result, boost your grades, earn some brownie points from your professor. That’s why Samedayessay can’t be your match, and this company is not able to deliver an outstanding paper. Their documents are of poor quality, and they will ruin your academic performance. 


Well, there are students that are not looking for brilliant quality, they just want to submit their assignments on time, and that’s it. So, they are looking for cheap companies who meet deadlines. Again, Samedayessay can’t meet these expectations. Firstly, their prices are not affordable. Actually, even decent companies charge less. And they don’t meet deadlines according to dozens of customers’ reviews. 

Do We Recommend It?

Of course, we don’t recommend Samedayessay. If you value your time, energy, and money, you should avoid this company. We can provide you with better services that have well-educated and experienced writers, reasonable prices, reliable guarantees, and a positive reputation. So, you’re a really lucky person because you read this Samedayessay review in advance. We hope it saves your time so that you can make the right decision. 

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Whatever your goals are, try to find enough information about the writing service before you place the order. We want to provide you with the most common questions about Samedayessay as well as answers to them. 

What Is Samedayessay?

It is a company that claims it provides students with writing services. You can place your order for an essay, thesis, personal statement, speech, book reviews, etc. However, it doesn’t mean that this company is able to meet your expectations. Even when your requirements are clear and the task is not very hard, you can get an absolutely disappointing paper at a high price. 

Is Samedayessay Legit?

At first glance, this company has an official registration which means it works in a legitimate way. However, it is not the only condition. It is not enough to be allowed to provide students with some services, and you should provide reliable guarantees. It is impossible to say that business is legit when authors have no idea about topics, plagiarize content, and don’t return the money when customers are not happy with the result. 

Is Samedayessay Scam?

We believe that it is a scam company with a primary goal to rip students off. You should know that there are different types of scammers. For example, there are companies that disappear with your money, companies that steal and sell your personal data. And there are companies like Samedayessay that don’t meet their promises and fool gullible students who need help. 

Is Samedayessay Safe?

We surely can’t say that this company is safe. You’re not protected enough when you place your order here. If you don’t want to compromise your privacy and ruin your academic reputation, you should choose another option. There are reliable services with solid rock guarantees. 

Does Samedayessay Work?

It works if you mean that it delivers papers. You can place an order, and you will receive a document. However, it doesn’t work when you mean quality. Your final draft will not always meet your requirements, you’ll receive the document with a delay, and the customer support will not be as friendly as you expect it to be. 

Is Samedayessay Reliable?

No, it is not reliable. Working with this company is like walking through a minefield. Even if you think that you know everything about this service, you may run into some unpredictable issues because Samedayessay is not a customer-focused company. 

Is Samedayessay Plagiarism-Free?

When you order your paper for high school or college, you surely need it to be unique. Academic integrity is the highest value for most educational institutions these days, and providing a plagiarized document can ruin your reputation or even career. Unfortunately, some papers by this company contain plagiarism, so you should always do a double check before you deliver your paper. 

Are There Samedayessay Discounts?

Yes, this company provides its customers with some promo codes for Samedayessay. For example, when you’re a new user, you can get 10% off for your first order. They also have bonus codes for loyal customers and, to be honest, we don’t understand this policy. On the one hand, the regular prices are very high, but on the other hand, you can reduce the final cost with a deadline. Maybe they think this strategy will attract more customers, but we don’t believe it really works.