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  • Affordable Prices – 2
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 2
  • Safety Guarantees – 2
  • User Friendly Support – 2
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September, 2021 Last Update

Is it easy to be a student? Of course, not! You have to deal with so many expectations all the time. Your parents want you to get good grades, your professors want you to meet all deadlines and provide high-quality assignments, and your friends want you to spend all your free time with them. Besides, you have your own expectations, and it is a real challenge to be the person you want to be.

The good news is that it is absolutely normal to have areas of development. Whether you have time management issues, difficulties with some disciplines, problems with your essays, etc., you can hire a professional tutor who will help you. That’s why such companies as Transtutors are that popular these days. And we’re going to analyze this one and provide you with an independent Transtutors review on whether you can trust it. 

First Impression

Once you open a company’s website, you receive a chance to get your first impression. When it comes to Transtutors, they have a pretty nice page where you can find some information for your next actions. There are also options to sign in and sign up, submit your questions, and search for solutions.

However, you should understand that it is impossible to make a final choice when you have your first impression only. Most companies do their best to attract more website visitors, but it doesn’t mean that they really deserve your trust. So, let’s delve deeper and find out more information about Transtutors. 


We can’t tell that the site’s design is awful, but it is definitely not amazing. We love the fact that Transtutors use peaceful colors; there are no annoying bright spots. At the same time, their templates are really outdated. You have to scroll a lot to find the necessary information. And they use stock photos which is also an ambiguous design solution. 


Transtutors website’s usability is quite average. There are pages that need some time to upload, so you have to wait. It is also not that easy to understand how exactly you should place your order since their ordering form is very brief. 

Visibility Of Useful Information

We believe that the most powerful function of any website is to provide basic information about the company and its services. When you’re about to place your order for the first time, you don’t know what Transtutors offers, what its prices are, and so on. You don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for this information, and that’s why visibility is their area of development. 


  • Wide list of services;
  • Cute website design;
  • The USA and Australian registration;
  • Various payment options.


  • Lack of information about services and guarantees;
  • Vague prices;
  • Poor online reputation;
  • Poor customer support.

Precise List Of Services

To be honest, it took us about 15 minutes to find out what their services are. They don’t have a separate page with a list. However, once you find this info, you’ll be surprised with a solid list of options you can choose from. Transtutors works with the following disciplines:

  • Management;
  • Accounting;
  • Finance;
  • Computer science;
  • Statistics;
  • Economics;
  • Engineering;
  • Writing;
  • Science/Math;
  • Humanities. 

As you can see, this list includes the most popular disciplines. And you can find out more, e.g., when you choose writing, they offer you to order a dissertation, a capstone project, an essay, a resume, and so on. 


As we explored Transtutors website, we didn’t find any information about the pricing policy. Is it real? The company wants to attract new customers, it wants to help students, but it doesn’t provide the most important information — prices. It is definitely not the best strategy because most students choose companies according to their budgets. If you have to get in touch with the manager to receive more details, you can understand that they don’t respect your time. Besides, you never know if their price is fixed; maybe they change their prices all the time? Definitely not fair game.

We understood that something was wrong, so we decided to place an order to get more information. Once we provided our email, chose the topic, and asked a question, they offered us to enter the price that we’re willing to pay to the tutor. Sounds embarrassing. They want you to choose your own price? What about $1? Is this a Transtutors free trial? anTheir logic is very weird. 

Payment Options

When you order tutor help from Transtutors, you can pay from your coin wallet with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, and other cards. 

Features And Discounts

As we know nothing about their prices, we believed that they don’t have any information about discounts as well. However, we were wrong. Firstly, they have a referral program which means that you can earn money each time you invite your friends to use this service. Well, it is really strange. You want to get your money back, and therefore you invite your friends who will waste their money.

The second option we ran into is an offer to leave the mobile phone in order to get a $10 credit. Sounds strange again. They give you money even before you place an order? Do they buy your personal data? So, how would they use it? 

The interesting fact is that once we placed an order (with our $1 rate), we received a notification like, “Not happy with the price? Avail a Transtutors promo code of 30% now!”. We believe that they don’t have any customers, so they just don’t know how to attract some people. 

Money Back Guarantee

All companies should have a money-back guarantee which means that if you’re not happy with its services, you can apply for a refund and get your money back. Transtutors have this guarantee, but it doesn’t mean that it works. We have found a lot of customers’ reviews, e.g., Transtutors Reddit feedback where people claim they didn’t receive any compensation. So, if you still want to place your order here, you should read the company’s Terms and Services with a keen eye. 

The Information About Writers

We didn’t find any information about their tutors at all. It is impossible to understand what education they have, whether they are native speakers, they are experienced enough, and so on. If you proceed to the “For the tutors” section, you can find the benefits like flexible schedules and payouts, but there are no requirements for the candidates. 

Communication With Writer

You can’t contact your tutor directly. Yes, it doesn’t sound that good, and we really don’t know why this company doesn’t provide you with such an option. You have a chat with a customer support manager who acts as an intermediary between you and the tutor. So, if you have some additional questions, you can’t get an instant response — you need to wait. Actually, you don’t even know who works on your assignment. 

Qualification Degree

When you realize that you need someone who will help you with your academic projects, always hire experts with a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. This is your guarantee that your tutor knows your professor’s expectations. Speaking about Transtutors, they don’t provide any information at all. Well, they don’t tell lies, but they just don’t think it is important for you to know something about your authors. It shows their attitude. 

Quality Of Writing

When we looked into this website to find out the quality of writing its tutors were producing, we were shocked by the fact that they don’t have samples. There are only two options for finding out what their results are. You can order a paper (and waste your money) or read comments that were written by other students. So, there are plenty of horrendous Transtutors reviews in terms of quality. People are absolutely disappointed about their papers.

The Writing Style

The only option to understand what their writing style is is to check their Q&A database. At first sight, it includes many questions and different papers, but there are still some issues.

Firstly, most files are not free. Transtutors provide you with some free questions, but they are very easy, and you can’t find answers online without hurdles. And when you want to read a full-length answer, an essay, etc., you have to pay $50. It means that someone else has ordered the paper, paid for it, and now you can buy it again? What about privacy? What about plagiarism? 

Safety Guarantees

It is not that easy to find a list of guarantees, and we had to contact a customer manager with this question. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any answer. According to some reviews, they have a refund guarantee, but there are no people who managed to get their money back. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process is quite strange since Transtutors doesn’t have a regular ordering form. You just need to provide your contact data along with your question. Choose the deadline and set your price. Then you’ll be redirected to a chat with a customer manager where you can provide more details and pay for your order. 

24/7 Customer Support

They have a chat, but it is not “customer,” and it is not “support”. It looks rather like a sales team with a primary goal to take your money. Managers don’t really care whether you’re happy or not, and they just want you to pay more. Besides, this chat doesn’t work 24\7. Once we opened it, we ran into a message “Our customer service team is not available till 5 pm GMT today”. It is really bad. They also have a Transtutors contact number and email, but you shouldn’t expect an instant response. 

Final Verdict

So, it is easy to understand that Transtutors is not the best choice. We would rate it 5 out of 10 just because there are some positive aspects. You never know, maybe they have a couple of talented authors, and they need some time to win their audience. Yes, they provide you with poor-quality papers, but they don’t disappear as soon as they take your money. There are even some positive reviews. However, we can’t be sure that they were written by real customers. 

Quality Of Service

If you’re looking for a service for a company where your expectations matter, Transtutors is not an option. They have nothing to do with quality, so don’t expect too much from them. And if you order assistance here, take some time to proofread your document. 

Compliance With Deadlines

Deadlines are extremely important when it comes to college assignments. If you miss them, it can ruin your academic reputation. And that’s the most common reason for students to hire tutors online. So, all companies in this market should be very punctual. Unfortunately, there are many reviews from students who don’t think that Transtutors is able to meet this guarantee. They got their papers with delays, and they didn’t receive any compensation. So, if you still want to place your order here, you should be ready for consequences. Ensure that you have enough time before your real deadline. 

Do We Recommend It?

Of course, we can’t recommend this service. You should know that there are many wonderful options these days, and you can choose the one that meets your expectations. We would recommend you a tutoring company with professional writers, affordable prices, reliable guarantees, and a positive online reputation. Transtutors’ authors are not able to meet these basic needs, so we don’t see any reasons to make this choice. The good news is that there are a lot of trustworthy companies that we can recommend. Check our reviews, compare Transtutors vs chegg vs other companies, and you’ll surely find the best match! 

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When you’re looking for a professional who will help you with your home task, you surely have some questions to ask. Well, there are the most popular questions from different students as well as answers to them. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about this company. 

Is Transtutors Legit?

No, it isn’t. We analyzed hundreds of negative testimonials by students, and we can tell you for sure that this company is not able to provide you with legit services. If you still want to order your paper here, you should be ready for inexperienced tutors. They don’t have appropriate education, they are not helpful, and they don’t want to make your life easier. 

Is Transtutors Scam?

We believe that this company is a real scam. They created an attractive website with dozens of bright promises, but these promises are fake. You can’t contact your tutor, and the support team is not always available to help you. It looks like this company is focused on desperate students who just don’t have another option but to hire it. 

Is Transtutors Safe?

It is absolutely not safe. You never know how exactly this company uses your personal data. It requires you to share your email, phone number, and other sensitive information that can be used for different purposes. They gather this data even before you confirm your order so that you don’t have to be Transtutors customer to become their victim.

Is Transtutors Free?

No, it is not free. It has a database with free questions and answers to them, but we can’t say that this information is valuable. And when you deal with some really complicated assignments, Transtutors has very high prices. Even with their discounts, this offer is surely not affordable. 

Is Transtutors a Good Site?

It is a cheat. Pay attention to the fact that we have analyzed all the aspects, and we surely know that there are a couple of positive aspects that Transtutors has. At the same time, this company can’t offer you anything that is really important — high-quality services and friendly support. 

Is Transtutors Fake?

It is absolutely fake. When you place your order here, you just put your academic career in jeopardy. You don’t get an appropriate quality, and you don’t get any reliable guarantees; you have absolutely no reasons to trust this company. Poor safety and poor-quality tutoring services are the primary reasons to avoid Transtutors.

Is Transtutors Reliable?

No, it is not. We know how important it is for modern students to have someone that they can rely on. But you can’t rely on Transtutors. They won’t go the extra mile for you, and they won’t do even some basic things for you. If you’re looking for a reliable service that will provide you with high-quality tutoring help, Transtutors has nothing to do with your expectations.