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September, 2021 Last Update

Let us introduce you to the latest essaylab review where we will tell you about this service, its pros, and cons, as well as our own experience of placing an order. You will finally have access to the most unbiased review with the most comprehensive information about this service.

If you ask yourself such questions as ‘is essaylab reliable?’ or ‘can I entrust them with my money?’ then you should definitely continue reading.

Our Initial Impression

You will probably agree that the first impression is very important. And even though we try not to judge the book by its cover, the homepage is the face of a writing company. Unfortunately, Essaylab’s cover is rather boring.

 Platform’s Usability

We were unpleasantly surprised that it is quite difficult to place an order at Essaylab. You have to go through several sections and buttons before landing on the order form. The process might be complex if you have never used such services before.


We think that Essaylab’s design is old-fashioned. The font, layout, and buttons are very plain, and there is absolutely nothing interesting about the platform. It is very surprising considering that customers should be immediately impressed by the website’s outlook. But it seems that Essaylab is so confident in its services that they don’t want to waste time and money on creating a decent website.

Is It Easy To Find Data?

It is quite difficult to find the necessary information because Essaylab’s designers and content managers made everything possible to confuse customers. To find the order form or get more information about the provided guarantees, you need to scroll the website back and forth. And if you have never contacted a custom writing company before, the process might take lots of time.


  • FAQ and Testimonials pages
  • PayPal is an accepted payment method
  • Free plagiarism report


  • Outdated website
  • Prices above the average
  • Poor quality of papers
  • Writers are not native speakers

Services They Provide

Luckily, to get familiar with the full list of provided services, you don’t need to create a personal account. All the services are stated at the bottom of the home page. They include case study, accounting papers, business plans, high school, and college essays, ghostwriting, resumes, scholarship essays, and editing/proofreading. As you see, the list is rather limited, so you might not find the requested type of paper.

How Much You Will Need To Pay

You are surely interested in prices at essaylab. However, their charts may be quite confusing at first because instead of regular deadlines, they provide time frames. For example, 14+ days, 7-8 days, or 3-24 hours. But they claim that you can indicate a concrete deadline when placing an order.

The academic levels are a high school student, college freshman, college sophomore, college junior, college senior, Master’s, and Ph.D. As you understand, the price depends on the deadlines and the academic level. The minimum price is $16.50, and the maximum – $44.20. Editing and proofreading start at $10.50 and may reach $28.65.

As you see, their rates are rather high, and it is not correct to call Essaylab an affordable writing service (as they name themselves).

Banking Methods

The availability of different payment options is very important. That is why we thoroughly check whether a writing website offers users reliable banking methods. Unfortunately, you won’t find many variations at Essaylab: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. However, the last one is quite secure, so choosing PayPal will be a good idea if you want to protect your money from malware.

Coupons And Promotions

When you look at essaylab prices, you might be wondering whether there are any discounts that could reduce the final cost. However, the company’s management probably thinks their prices are more than low and don’t offer any discounts. You won’t find an essaylab promo code or a percentage off for the first order.

The only benefits we have found is the free title page and free plagiarism report.

Refund Policy

The refund policy at Essaylab is rather poor and indicates that the company shouldn’t be trusted. If you don’t like the result, you won’t be able to return the money no matter how hard you try. The website took care of everything. A 100% refund is approved if the writer hasn’t been found. If you want to cancel the order in progress, you can only expect ‘up to 50%’. And if the delivery is late, you aren’t getting anything back: the price will just be re-calculated according to the next closest deadline!

Customers’ Feedback

There is a separate Testimonials page on their website, but the reviews are all positive, and the pictures of ‘customers’ are too professional. Moreover, their names seem rather common, and there is no way you can check whether these testimonials are honest.

We have analyzed essaylab reviews on side platforms, and, as expected, they were not that good. Too many customers claimed that the quality of papers was poor, the refund policy was lame, and the writers were unprofessional.

Information About Authors

It is difficult to find any valuable information about Essaylab writers apart from the common ‘they are the best’. Unfortunately, there is no way you can learn about the authors, their background, and experience. You entrust everything to the chance and honesty of the platform.

Direct Communication

Essaylab doesn’t allow customers to communicate with the writers directly. You have to contact their managers first, tell them about your request, and wait while the author replies back. This may take hours or even days, so you might miss the deadlines if the message is urgent.

Academic Degree

Is essaylab scam? One of the brightest answers is that there is no way you can find out about their authors’ background. No documents, certificates, or other proofs. They simply claim that the authors have degrees in many fields.

But the quality of our order proves the opposite: their writers are foreigners or students who lack English academic skills, don’t know how to research data, and fail to follow formatting requirements. It is obvious that a writer with an academic degree won’t do such simple mistakes.

Paper Quality

Any review would be incomplete without telling about the quality of the completed paper. Unfortunately, it was a real disappointment, and we realized that Essaylab cannot satisfy the needs of the students no matter what their academic degree is.

Our paper contained numerous mistakes, typos, language imperfections, as well as poor structure and absence of formatting. The references were also weak. We expected much better quality than we have paid for.

Writing Style

The writing style is a thing that distinguishes a professional author from an amateur. At Essaylab writers are said to be top-notch, but in reality, we saw that even an expensive paper is written in a poor language and doesn’t follow formatting and structure peculiarities.

Provided Guarantees

Are you still asking yourself, ‘is essaylab legit?’ If yes, then we want to add a few more details about their guarantees. Any student wants to be sure that different policies protect his money and data. But you can forget about them when placing an order at Essaylab.

While other writing services have Revision Policies, Cookie Policies, and Privacy Policies, at Essaylab, you will find only the Refund Policy. And even this single guarantee is messed up and is beneficial only for the service.

Here is what they suggest:

  • A 100% refund, if you want to cancel the order, hasn’t been assigned to the writer;
  • An up to 50% if you are willing to cancel it, but there is an ‘in progress status’.

If the writer has missed the deadlines, you can’t expect a 100% refund! The price will be re-calculated based on the second, longer deadline, and you’ll receive the difference. For example, if you have ordered a high school essay with a 3-day deadline for $25.75 per page, but the writer failed, the price will be $20.45 (as for a 7-8 days deadline), and the difference of $5.30 per page returned to your account.

And there is absolutely no information about refunds in case if your paper was poorly written and you want to return the money.

How To Make An Order

To place an order, you should first log in. The signup process may take a while because the system is slow, so be patient. Once the registration is over, you need to make the order. Type in all the necessary details, and don’t forget to attach files if necessary. However, this didn’t help us because the writer didn’t bother himself with reading the comments.

Customer Support

There is round-the-clock support available at Essaylab. You can reach them either via email, live chat, or phone number. However, the phone calls are not free (even though they claim it), so you might spend a fortune.

The live chat is slow, but at least it is working when compared to emails. We have tried all channels, and it turned out that their managers need several days to answer your question.

Our Verdict

After analyzing numerous reviews on essaylab and placing an order of our own, we are ready to make up our mind and share it with you!


The quality of the papers is very poor, and other students confirm that. Even though they have fake testimonials, feedback from independent sources shows that users are not satisfied with the provided services’ quality. Their papers contain numerous mistakes, and there is no one to fix them.

Do they meet deadlines?

Unfortunately, Essaylab does not always meet the deadlines, and you can’t even return the money if you were late with a submission. There is a shady refund policy that offers compensation for missing the deadlines. But who needs to return $10-$20 if the tutor has already given a low grade?

Choose Reliable Services

From this review, you see that the company is far from being professional and academic. If you want to get a good treatment without risking money, we offer you to place an order on one of the websites with positive reviews. We carefully analyze writing companies to introduce you only to the best of them.

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Due to the review format, we could not cover all the burning issues in the article. That’s why we collected the most common questions that our readers ask to clarify their worries. 

What is

Essaylab is an online writing company that operates under the bidding model. Unlike the prepaid model, where companies have strict rates and conditions, bidding companies let the customer place an order without paying. The freelance writers contact that user and offer their services and specify the price for the work. The customer is supposed to select the performer. The payment is released after the delivery of the result by the customer personally. 

Is legit?

Yes, it is a legit company. The platform is a meeting point where users and writers can find each other and make an agreement. The company only provides and supports that platform and serves as an intermediary. 

Is reliable?

Under the bidding model, everything depends on the writer. The customer is supposed to check all bids, talk to the authors, clarify all specific moments, and select the best offer. It takes time, which is unsuitable under the close deadline. Besides, the members of the writing team have different qualifications. Essaylab seems not to monitor them closely until you complain about some unsatisfactory performance. 

Is a scam?

As we can judge from our personal experience, this team is not a scam, as they do the job they promise. However, most things should be decided between the writer and customer personally. The company representatives enter if there are any conflicts or specific circumstances. 

Is safe?

The company claims its model is the safest because the customer controls everything. Your payment is escrow, and you release it only after you get satisfied with the quality of the writer’s work. On the other hand, such payments are irreversible. Here, the company transfers the responsibility to the customer and does not interfere with the agreement. 

Is plagiarism-free?

It depends on the particular performer. There are different writers with different competencies and work ethics. Unfortunately, you may get a paper with plagiarized content. You are supposed to check the results for plagiarism yourself before accepting them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a refund. 

Are there discounts? 

This company does not offer discounts now. The bidding model suggests that you have to agree on the price and discounts with the writer personally. Frequently, writers reduce the price on request, but it is not granted.