TrustMyPaper Review: Does It Deserve Your Trust?

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  • Affordable Prices – 3.5
  • Online reputation – 3
  • Skilled Writers – 2.5
  • Safety Guarantees – 3
  • User Friendly Support – 4
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September, 2021 Last Update

TrustMyPaper is one of many online companies that offer services of academic writing to students. It is a well-known group that positions itself as a premium service. It has a modern website and prices that are higher than average on the market. Does it mean that this company provides the quality matching those prices?

Searching for the information on the Web, we found lots of negative feedback. The question “is TrustMyPaper scam” seems to be quite common. Therefore, we decided to check this service ourselves. The current TrustMyPaper review came as a result of our in-depth investigation.

The First Look on the Online Representation

The official company website was our starting point. We wanted to check the company’s information provided officially and get familiar with the company policies.

Convenience of Use

Though the web pages are fast and nicely-designed, many developer’s decisions puzzled us genuinely. For instance, after clicking on the “hamburger” menu button, you’d expect to see that menu there, right? Well, it will open in a different corner of the website.

The mobile version of the website is designed better. It uses the standard “mobile” template and is user-friendlier than the “full-size” desktop presentation.

The Look

We can’t say anything bad about the website design. Its colors are rather pleasant; the fonts are readable and displayed properly in all browsers. Some illustrations add pretty accents to the layouts. On the other hand, making an attractive website is not any problem now, when so many ready templates are available.

Useful Information

Many websites put the links to important information into the footer. The TrustMyPaper website followed this manner too. We can claim that it is really problematic to find the necessary link in a mess there.

Among the most evident disadvantages of the service is the absence of any information about the writers. The company only claims they have 2000+ regular writers, who are all experienced ENL specialists. There is a separate section with “samples.” There, you can download different papers prepared by the company’s employees to evaluate their quality. There is also the possibility to order the “paper like that” right from that section. Also, you can get precise information about the pricing and all the company’s policies. It is helpful.

An official website is the representation of a business on the Web. This one does not do justice to the company. We can’t consider this resource a plus in our review.

Advantages of Service

  • Precise pricing;
  • Currency converter;
  • Strict policies;
  • Convenient ordering system;
  • Variety of works.

Disadvantages of Service

  • High prices;
  • Frequent quality issues;
  • Plagiarism in papers;
  • Late deliveries;
  • Delays in revisions;
  • Writers aren’t ENL.

The Services Range

The variety of services offered by any company is one of the vital signs. Indeed, the question “is TrustMyPaper good” relates to the range of available options too.

If you want to learn which papers you can get at TrustMyPaper, you’ll have to conduct research. The thing is, the company does not list their services anywhere. While checking different pages, you may see a “full list of services” link. It will direct you to the ordering form, where you can get a general list of categories only! Most of TrustMyPaper reviews note this inconvenience.

It is one of the not-so-obvious features of the website. The company organized the list of their services as two menus. One menu describes the general category, for instance, “academic paper writing.” Another menu gets you the list of services you can get for that category.

Thus, you can order the following services:

  • Essays of all types
  • Research papers of all types
  • Book report
  • Book review
  • Movie review
  • Research summary
  • Case study
  • Lab report
  • Term papers
  • Dissertations (in whole or some part only)
  • Article
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Reaction paper
  • Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic papers
  • Multiple Choice Questions

Additional services include the below options:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Admission Services
  • Resume/CV services

As you see, the list is robust, and you can order anything you wish.

The Pricing Specificities

We mentioned earlier that this online company claims its prices are higher than average due to the exceptional quality of their work.

The pricing is flexible, but the model is standard: the system calculates the amount to pay according to several criteria:

  • Academic level;
  • Timeframe;
  • Number of pages;
  • Extra features.

The minimum price per page (275 words) is $12.99. It comes for the maximum 14-days deadline, the high-school level. The rates increase with each level. The same page for the same deadline will cost you $14.99 for the college level and $18.99 for the university. As you see, even a standard essay might cost you much.

Payment Options

The service accepts payments by the major debit and credit cards, issued by the main systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Standard wire transfers are also allowed.

They accept payments in USD, Euros, GBP, and Australian and Canadian dollars. The currency converter on the pricing page calculates all prices in the necessary currency automatically.

Discounts for Customers

The prices are high enough, and most of the company’s customers often have limited budgets. Some TrustMyPaper coupons are needed to reduce those prices; it is obvious. But if you search for information about discounts on the website, you’ll find a vague description of some discounts. You won’t see any precise numbers and conditions. The only TrustMyPaper discount that is sure is the 17% discount for the new order.

Money Back Guarantee

If we wonder, is TrustMyPaper safe, the official refund policy is one of the most important factors. The company describes the refund conditions in detail in the FAQ and in the dedicated “Money-Back Policy” sections.

Customers can get full or partial refunds for their payments. They have 100% refunds if they cancel their order before the writer starts to work or if the company fails to find the performer for that assignment. 70% refunds come for papers with quality problems, like plagiarism. It is important to note that for the plagiarism claim, the customer must provide a Turnitin report. There are also other conditions to check in each particular case. Finally, the 50% refund is for papers delivered beyond the deadline.

The customer can’t apply to the bad grade they received as the quality issue. The company claims that the papers they produce are for references and not submission. If the user submits that paper as their own, the responsibility is the user’s only. We find it a significant problem. If you are still considering, is TrustMyPaper reliable, this latter factor seems problematic.

The Service Reputation Online

There is a separate “Testimonials” section on the website, where the customers leave their feedback. If you refer to that section, you’ll notice the 5-stars reviews only. However, the company can filter the feedback on its own website to share the positive testimonials only. That’s why we referred to SiteJabber and Trustpilot. Also, we searched for the TrustMyPaper Reddit discussions.

In summary, the reviews are mixed. There are both “excellent” and “terrible” reviews. The results depend on the writer and extra services of polishing the papers. Otherwise, you have a 50% chance to get a paper you can’t use.

Learn About Writers

The TrustMyPaper company claims that their high prices are because of the writers’ exceptional competencies. We believe that the people who do the jobs are the most valuable asset for any business too. Unfortunately, this writing company did not want to reveal more information about its employees on the website. We don’t know about their credentials, degrees, and experience.

In any case, the experiment is the most effective way of getting trustworthy information. We placed several orders on the website to evaluate the results ourselves.

Communication Possibilities

According to the website’s official info, customers can communicate with the assigned writers via an internal messaging system. The access is from within the personal account. As the company states, users can discuss the tasks with their performers, add materials, get updates about the progress, etc. We also tried this system but never got the writer’s response.

The Writers’ Competences

You will also find the company’s statement that they work with the Ph.D. holders only and check their diploma and credentials with precision. In fact, it seems more like a marketing trick. The case study we received for the order did not contain anything of the top expertise. It was pretty average work. More likely, that paper matched the college level, but nothing higher, though we specified the university level and paid accordingly.

The Writing Quality

We found lots of complaints about the unacceptable quality of papers. As for the papers we received, they did not contain grave problems. On the other hand, nothing was impressive either. The essay done by the writer of the Premium category (25% of price extra) matched the standard criteria and had a proper structure. However, the writer used the best-known sources only and obviously did not bother conducting thorough research.

Another paper we got was worse. It had too many grammar errors and weird syntax patterns. The structure was a mess – it was a collection of some ideas without appropriate logical connections and a decent conclusion. It could not be a work of an expert in writing, and an ESL person did it.

The contents were original, but the essay had paraphrased sections from other research papers. This paper could pass the plagiarism check, but we detected the writing tricks. Thus, the professors would detect them by all means too.

The Style of Writing

We can’t say anything exciting about the style of TrustMyPaper writers. Those ones from the Premium category can write correctly and meet the standard requirements. But you won’t find any exquisite style there. The works are often dull. Besides, there are often issues with academic formatting.

In fact, the best results you can get if you pay approximately twice extra. When you hire a Premium author and order editing and proofreading services, you can also expect some quality. In case you want to save money – the results will most likely be far from what you need.

Safety Guarantees

We asked, is TrustMyPaper legit, and it seems so. The service provides the usual safety guarantees. They work on the principle of anonymity and don’t share the users’ details with any third-party. There are digital means of protection for payments too. Collaborating with this company can have some risks, but safety is not one of them.

Ordering Procedure

TrustMyPaper is a company working on the prepaid model. The customer has to place the order and pay it at once.

The ordering form is convenient. It has three sections, but they all are on the same page. You can scroll it up whenever you need to check or change anything. All the information is in front of your eyes, and you don’t have to reload the page.

First, you provide general information – the type of work you need, the subject, the topic, and the instructions. You can upload files there.

Then, it is the price calculation. You specify the number of pages, the deadline, the academic level, and extra features. The system calculates the price for those conditions. You can change them in the process, and the price will get modified too.

Finally, you provide your personal details if you are a new client or log in to your account if you are a registered user. After that, you proceed to payment.

Customer Support

You can address the customer support via live chat, by email, or by phone. There are toll-free numbers for the USA and the UK. Support managers are quick to answer the pre-sales questions, and they help to resolve technical issues. However, we heard of many issues when the managers did not inform the customers about the progress or did not answer complaints.

The Final Verdict

In general, TrustMyPaper is an average writing company. Its distinction is the pricing, but not the quality, unfortunately. A messy website, slow customer support, and high prices don’t signal this company’s favor. We won’t recommend anyone to use this service. It is not reliable if you depend on the results of its work.

The Service Quality

The quality of writing does not impress. The papers are either full of problems or “technically” correct, but not bright. Besides, the acceptable quality comes if you pay much more than other services offer. In brief, this company provides you with low-quality papers for money and with average-quality for much money.

Deadlines Meeting

As we know, performers do their best to respect the deadlines for even urgent tasks. Still, there are cases when the papers come after the deadline. The company can compensate you 50% of the payment according to the money-back regulations. Still, the time lost can’t get compensation, especially if you need the job done on-time.

Turn to the Trustworthy Writing Aid

Among the many writing companies on the Web, you can deal with excellent ones. They are well-known, and we’ve reviewed them too. Refer to the brands from the top of our rankings. There, you will find exceptional service and perfect quality of work.

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In this section, we have collected additional information about the service. We used the most common questions that our readers ask to compile this informational block. We did our best to clarify the most essential aspects of work. 

What is TrustMyPaper?

TrustMyPaper is one of the typical online companies that offer academic writing services. It covers quite a vast range of different assignments, including all the most popular types of academic papers. The working model is prepaid – the company calculates the price for the order at once. It is a well-known company on the Web. 

Is TrustMyPaper legit?

This team operates legally. However, it defines that it composes original examples of academic papers for customers. You are supposed to use them as references or templates but not submit them as your work. If you do it and receive an unsatisfactory grade, you can’t claim a refund from the company. They will stress that their work is not for submission. 

Is TrustMyPaper reliable?

It is impossible to call it 100% reliable. Though we received our papers in time, and they matched the topic and the assignment type, we weren’t satisfied by the quality of work. You can’t rely on the writers of this group. And you can’t predict if you receive quality work or poor paper that can only bury your chances. 

Is TrustMyPaper a scam?

TrustMyPaper is not really a scam – they don’t steal your money or personal details. On the other hand, this team does not care about the quality of work as it states. There are definitely writers with different levels of competence, and the company does not control their performance properly. 

Is TrustMyPaper safe?

It is safe enough in regards to digital security. The website is protected by SSL means, and it is comfortable for the users. It is different for the customer’s risk of losing money. Despite having a detailed money-back policy, it seems a real challenge to get the payment refunded. The only case where you are getting your payment back for sure is when the company fails to find a writer for the order – then it refunds the money from its side. 

Is TrustMyPaper plagiarism-free?

Unfortunately, no. There are many complaints about plagiarized papers produced by TrustMyPaper. This depends much on the performers. Some of them are diligent and write original documents. But many others plagiarize the papers evidently and don’t even care to paraphrase the texts they copy. 

Are there TrustMyPaper discounts? 

There is a welcome discount of 17% for the first order of a new user. We checked the official website but did not find any information about other discounts. Users can ask for the discount personally, but there aren’t guarantees of getting it.