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  • Affordable Prices – 1.2
  • Online reputation – 3
  • Skilled Writers – 2
  • Safety Guarantees – 2.3
  • User Friendly Support – 3
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September, 2021 Last Update

Edusson was always among academic writing leaders. Years of experience and thousands of customers made its fame. If you want to search for some information on the Web, there will be many hundreds of feedbacks. And, like it happens all the time, there will be both positive and negative Edusson reviews. 

The company operates according to the bidding model. It means that it provides an area for the customers and writers for hire to meet and make a deal. On the one hand, this model is purely beneficial, as it leaves full control to the customer. On the other hand, some too many unhappy clients fixed their disappointments on the most reputable reviewing platforms.

Thus, we went to check this company and its services ourselves. The incomes of our research made this review we offer for your consideration. 

The First Look on the Online Representation 

We started our Edusson review with an investigation of the official company’s website. It is always the best place to collect the official information provided on behalf of the team itself. There, you can get the company’s official credentials, learn about its working policies, and get some information about the performers. The information we got there was preliminary in understanding is Edusson reliable. 

Convenience of Use

The website is technically appropriate. It is fast. There aren’t any issues with loading pages or images, even for the slow Internet connection. The main menu allows access to the essential data from any page. The website has a mobile version and an Android app for those who prefer using their mobile devices to access the service.

Website Design

The website design is quite ordinary. It uses ready templates and the most popular elements of design for our time. The color scheme is neutral, fonts are appropriate for any browser, and the elements’ layout is smart. We can say that the look is eye-catching. On the other hand, it is the same design approach you’d get from all other writing companies. It is accurate, neat, responsive, and it is easy to mix it with dozens of other websites.

Useful Information 

The primary goal of the website is to represent the online business and provide official information about it. On this website, you will find a minimal menu on the top. Most of the essential information is in the footer. It is also a standard design approach these days. One of the helpful features is the list of services provided in the main menu. Also, you will find a separate section for writers.

The requirements for all new candidates for writing are available to the public view. It should support the professional approach, as this company positions itself. Besides, they answer the most “popular” question is Edusson legit at the website, stating that they are 100% legal business. 

Advantages of Service 

  • Many types of papers;
  • Personal writer’s choice;
  • Flexible pricing;
  • Control over the payments.

Disadvantages of Service 

  • No standard pricing; 
  • No Edusson discounts;
  • Frequent complaints about the quality;
  • Frequent delays in delivery;
  • Time loses;
  • Problematic refunds.

The Services Range

In the past, Edusson users faced difficulties trying to understand if the service produced the required paper types. It seems that the company considered that issue and resolved it. The list of Edusson services is available on every website page. You can see it when clicking on Writing Help on the main menu.

At the moment, the company offers the following types of works: 

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Assignments
  • Homework
  • Coursework 
  • Dissertations
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Capstone projects
  • Lab reports
  • Personal statements 

Also, there are editing and proofreading services. If the customer’s problem is more complex, they should place an order and describe the assignment and requirements. The company states that their writers’ team includes specialists in all fields.

The Pricing Specificities 

The bidding system suggests the absence of standard pricing. The customer places an order and gets different bids from writers who offer their prices. After evaluating all bids, the customer chooses the performer and makes an agreement with them.

Unfortunately, it means that you won’t define how much Edusson costs until you get the bids. Even if you turn to this company with the same-type assignments, you can obtain different rates each time. 

The absence of standard rates and discounts can make this service rather expensive. According to many customers’ reviews, both positive and negative, an essay page could cost about $20, provided that you set at least a week’s time frame. Most prepaid services’ rates are lower for the same conditions.

As the company determines, you can negotiate the price. Often, performers agree to reduce their initial prices. Still, you can’t take it for granted. Besides, by choosing cheaper bids, you can get into the trap of getting low-quality, useless papers. Then, there will be all those Edusson scam complaints. 

Payment Options

At the moment, Edusson accepts payments by Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. There are no such popular means as PayPal or Payoneer. Needless to say, that the modern digital wallets and cryptocurrencies aren’t supported either. However, the existing technical means work seamlessly. All the necessary operations are easy and smooth.

Discounts for Customers

The bidding system does not provide standard company discounts. The price is always a result of a personal agreement between the customer and the writer. 

There are additional paid features. You can pay an extra 10% or 15% if you want to assign your order to the more experienced and proficient performers. You can also pay $9.99 for the company to select the performer and save the waiting time for you. 

Money Back Guarantee

The company rules define that the customer has full control over the money. You put the agreed amount of money on the balance of the Edusson account. That money is locked there. After the paper delivery, the customer can either accept the paper and release the payment or reject the paper and withdraw the money.

Suppose you did not accept the paper but kept the money on the account. In that case, the system will release it automatically and send it to the performer. The next problem, payments are non-refundable. You decide if you pay for the result. Still, you have to take care of not making an accidental payment or allowing an automated payment.

The Service Reputation Online 

Mixed reviews were the primary reason for conducting this research. You can find both positive feedback about excellent performance and furious complaints about bad quality and plagiarism on the same platforms. Edusson cares much for its online representation – they promote their service efficiently on Reddit and many other platforms, and they react to all complaints. 

Learn About Writers

The writers’ qualifications are the most critical factor in evaluating the service. You may get any beneficial features, but they will be nothing without performers’ proper expertise and skills.

Edusson writers are freelancers. The official website dedicates an entire section to the description of work conditions and requirements for each author. If it is true, the writers should get highly motivated to improve their knowledge and performance. Is it really so? 

Communication Possibilities

One really helpful thing is the live chat you can use to communicate with the writer directly. It is available to registered users, of course. Through this channel, you can clarify all the questions you have initially and then keep in touch during the work. We used this option, and the communication was smooth.

The Writers’ Competences 

Edusson states that they test all candidates thoroughly. They must pass tests, write a short essay, and present their ID and diplomas for checking. It seems that the company does a good job of dropping the incompetent candidates.

However, if you refer to those performers’ profiles, you might notice a wide variety of disciplines. They claim themselves to be experts, but we don’t think it is likely. It is impossible to have grounded expertise in so many different fields. Of course, most of those writers compile the information from different sources and somehow process it. 

One more thing, despite claims of working with ENL and Ph.D. degree holders, Edusson works with ESL writers who don’t have such credentials. There are decent specialists in their staff, but their work is much more expensive than you might get in other companies. 

The Writing Quality

Is Edusson plagiarism-free? Edusson declares that their Quality Assurance team monitors all the writers’ performance. Those who plagiarize regularly get fired. In fact, our test papers passed the plagiarism check. Yet, we can’t evaluate its quality as excellent or, at least, good. It was average, despite being done by the Platinum category author. 

A worrying issue was the total ignoring of our instructions. We made them clear, and the writer seemed to agree with them during our chat. Besides, the paper was the work of an ESL person. Overall, it was okay, and our writer did not make so many mistakes as other ESL performers often do. Still, there were typos, syntax, and spelling errors. The writers don’t seem to bother themselves with the final proofreading. 

The company assures you of the best quality control. Unfortunately, they take measures if you complain about a particular case. 

The Style of Writing 

We were warned that we should not accept the low-cost bids. Those candidates mostly responded with papers of terrible quality. Of course, you don’t have to pay for bad papers at Edusson, but you waste time. That’s why we choose the bids with prices slightly above average. We hoped that those writers would produce a decent style paper. 

You won’t get Pulitzer prize nominees at Edusson. The freelance copywriters don’t possess exceptional styles. You can easily detect the paraphrased fragments from public sources. There won’t be original reasoning and an impressive conclusion. If you need an A grade, that won’t do even if you hire the most expensive writers. 

Safety Guarantees

If you worry, is Edusson safe? The company itself assures that they have all the security measures in place. From what we learned about this group, they never had any informational leaks or jeopardized their clients’ identities. It is strictly forbidden to reveal any personal details for all parties. There are also necessary safety means of protecting your payment information.

Ordering Procedure 

Bidding companies work under a similar model.

  1. You register an Edusson account. 
  2. In the order, you need to specify the task, its conditions, and your requirements. 
  3. The writers get informed about your order, and they contact you with their bids. 
  4. You check the bids, examine the candidates, and make an agreement. 
  5. Topping up the balance is a signal for the writer to start working. 
  6. Finally, you get the delivered paper, check it, and pay the writer if it suits you.

Customer Support

We had a positive experience with Customer Support at Edusson. The managers were friendly and helpful. Though we found some complaints about this company’s support managers on the Web, they were rare. In fact, most of the feedback testifies that Customer Support is decent.

The Final Verdict

The bidding system has its supporters. Many users love its flexibility and being in control. For us, Edusson is not a good variant. It is very expensive for average quality. It fails the expectations quite often, and the results depend very much on your luck. We can’t call it a reliable service. 

The Service Quality

If you are fortunate to find an adequate performer, you can expect to get a decent quality. It won’t boost your reputation. But it will help you not to fail. The other thing is, finding that performer might take much more time than you can afford. Meanwhile, you may have all kinds of unpleasant experiences with other not-so-decent writers.

Deadlines Meeting 

Deadlines are an issue at Edusson. No one can guarantee that your order gets a good bid at once. You might wait for hours and even days before you get writers’ propositions. You may not get them at all. Many customers also mentioned late delivery of papers and delays with revisions. Edusson is not a reasonable choice for urgent orders or orders with strict deadlines. 

Turn to the Trustworthy Writing Aid 

If you face difficulties with your writing assignments at the moment, there are still reputable and trustworthy services. We’ve compiled our rankings. Those companies from the top deliver jobs with excellent quality and accuracy. You can trust them.

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Want to get more insights about the work of the website? Here are some of the most common issues customers often ask. These answers will help you learn more about the company and its main services.

What is

This is a paper writing service for academic assignments. It offers online services to its customers. The name of the company is quite controversial. Some people like cooperation with the service. However, there are also lots of people who complained about the quality of the services.

Is Edusson legit?

This is a good question because there’s no exact information about the legitimacy of the services. Customers can hardly find necessary information about the use of data, the accumulation of personal data, and different money transactions. The information is vaguely presented on the website.

Is Edusson reliable?

A huge number of clients claim that the service isn’t reliable in terms of quality. The papers are often full of mistakes of different kinds. The writers seem to overlook the checking and proofreading procedures to save time and send the text until the deadline.

Is a scam?

When you first open the website, you may find what you need. But further communication with the clients is awful. Some users say that the managers didn’t answer their questions for hours when the requests were urgent.

Is Edusson safe?

If you don’t want to have your data revealed, you should look for another service. The company may provide you with quite a good paper example. But how do you know whether your data is revealed to other websites or not? This kind of information isn’t fully represented on the website.

Is Edusson plagiarism-free?

The writers state that they write their papers from scratch. However, there are lots of doubts related to the originality of the final paper works. Users say that the writing featured a great number of plagiarized spots. For this reason, we can’t say that the website offers plagiarism-free services.

Are there discounts?

When you open the website, you may notice a discount option for the newcomers. And the managers state that you may benefit from different offers in the future. However, these discounts don’t influence the price and are useless in many cases.