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  • Affordable Prices – 1.3
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 3
  • Safety Guarantees – 1.7
  • User Friendly Support – 2.5
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September, 2021 Last Update

Any student may face a situation when one needs professional writing help. Don’t worry, and it is absolutely normal. Along with improving your academic performance, it is important to sleep well, rest, and spend time with friends. It is impossible to study all the time as your professors expect of you.

That’s why different writing services are very popular these days. Students need someone they can rely on. is one of these websites, and we want to provide you with an honest review of it. Obviously, not all companies are trustworthy. So, is PaperHelp safe?

First Impression

First impressions can make a big difference, but not when it comes to the services you pay for. It is not the beautiful picture that matters, but the quality and professionalism.

When you open a PaperHelp website, the first thing you notice is visual content. Of course, it is not the most important thing to consider, but it matters. 

Website Design

Honestly, we can’t say anything bad about the design. It is pretty nice-looking. The main theme is used space, and it is, undoubtedly, one of the modern trends. 

They went further with the slogan “Reach Your Goals with Our Help,” meaning that you’re a cosmonaut who is going for distant stars. There is also an appropriate picture to illustrate this analogy. 

What About Usability?

Usability is an even more important criterion than website design. The picture may be nice, but it means nothing if it doesn’t work. 

Honestly, we faced some usability issues when exploring the PaperHelp website. Some pages need more time to open, and sometimes it is unobvious where you should go know. 

Visibility Of Necessary Information

To answer the question “is PaperHelp good?” you should understand whether this company is customer-oriented.

For example, when you open the main page, you can see the big order form that calls you to submit a request. And you need to spend much more time to find any other information you really need. The customer can’t be sure whether one is ready to submit an order without understanding one’s benefits and conditions. You need to spend more time to find a list of services, pricing, testimonials, and any other useful information. They hide this data, but they don’t hide a call to order. 


Each company has its pros. Speaking about this one, we can say that it has a really nice website design and a blog with useful articles. It is also easy to calculate the final price because they don’t hide their rates.


Honestly, PaperHelp has many cons, but it depends on your priorities. For example, some people think that their services are exorbitantly priced while others are ready to pay extra because they expect a good writing level. We are going to delve deeper to understand whether the cons can become a real hurdle. 

Bright List Of Services

It goes without saying that the good paperhelp review should include the list of services this company offers. Dealing with this company, you can order:

  • essay;
  • argumentative essay;
  • essay rewriting;
  • homework help;
  • research paper;
  • coursework;
  • term paper;
  • personal statement.

If you open the list of the services on the website, you’ll see that it is much bigger. Want to know the reason? They just use popular keywords to attract more visitors to the website. For example, do you know the difference between ‘pay for an essay’ and ‘essays for sale’ services? 

However, when you’re about to submit an order, they offer you another list, with such services as:

  • annotated bibliography;
  • article;
  • blog writing;
  • business plan;
  • creative writing;
  • presentation;
  • term paper, etc. 

It is not clear what they offer, and why couldn’t they provide a complete list in the appropriate section.

Pricing Policy

All students take care of prices since it is a rare situation when one has a solid budget. However, it doesn’t mean you should save money diligently and order papers for a song. Good writers don’t work if their efforts don’t pay off. But it doesn’t mean the company should provide you with prices that are not affordable at all. The management should realize that they work with students, not with businessmen. 

Payment Options Available

PaperHelp provides students with two main opportunities to pay for a service:

  1. By card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB);
  2. Using PayPal or UnicornPay systems. 

Prices And Discounts

The cheapest offer is $10 per page for a high school paper with a deadline of 3 weeks. If you need your paper in 7 days, you will pay at least $17 per page.

Of course, the price increases when it comes to other academic levels. For example, the university essay written in a week will cost you from $23 per page.

It is obvious that you have a question about the Paperhelp discount. When you’re submitting an order, you can mention the phrase ‘Enter a promo code’. So, you may wonder whether there is a Paperhelp coupon to make your price lower. 

Unfortunately, they don’t have a separate page with information about Paperhelp coupons. But you can grab 15% off the first order and 35% off the second one due to Black Friday. It looks like they have temporary events when they provide customers with the Paperhelp promo code. 

We have also found information that it is possible to receive the Paperhelp discount code and save 5-15% if you submit an order over $500. It sounds shocking since students who can pay such money don’t need discounts. 

Money Back Guarantee

One more way to answer ‘is Paperhelp legit?’ is to understand which guarantees do this company provides you with. 

According to their Terms and Conditions document, each customer can get a full refund in situations there are some errors occurred when you pay for the order. You can also get money back if the company doesn’t provide you with an available author or if they deliver a final draft with a delay. If you decide to annul your order or need to make some revisions, and they are not able to complete this request, they will provide you with a partial refund. 

Honestly, this guarantee doesn’t look impressive. You have a right to get the money back if you’re not satisfied with the result, and it goes without saying that revisions they offer are necessary just to steal your time. 

Online Reputation

Before you make an order, it is very important to check information and reviews from real customers who can share their experience. It would be a mistake to trust testimonials that are published on the original website since the company can edit them and even write itself. But such platforms as Trustpilot and SiteJabber are independent.

If you check them, you’ll easily find out that many people are not satisfied with this company’s services. Most customers don’t say directly that Paperhelp scam, but they are not happy, and it sounds convincing.

What Do You Know About Writers?

When it comes to professional writing services, the most important thing to consider is the writer’s team. The authors are people who are in charge of the final result. That’s why you need to know in advance who will write your paper. And, of course, it should be someone who is more qualified than your fellow student who can help you, but without any guarantees. 

Communication With Personal Author

Unfortunately, PaperHelp doesn’t provide customers with an opportunity to communicate with the author. If you need to send one a message, e.g., to make some changes in your instructions, you should contact the customer support manager who serves as a mediator. It takes a lot of time and definitely not the most convenient way of communication. Besides, you never know at what stage your assignment is right now. 

Education and Qualification Degree

If you read some Paperhelp reviews, it is easy to mention that most of them are negative. Customers write that the writers are not so qualified as was promised. When you expect your author to have a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, one can be a student from a third-world country. And some papers are written by people who are not native English speakers.

Of course, if your author is a regular student, you can’t expect one to provide you with decent writing. One just doesn’t have the appropriate expertise. It is the same thing as if you ask your friend to help you with a home task, but the difference is that you pay a lot of money for this service. 

Quality Of Writing

There are some other aspects that important to consider when you order a piece from PaperHelp or any other writing service like this. They may not be that type of scammers who take the money and ignore customers. But they don’t provide you with quality writing as well.

Once you’re received your draft, it is important to proofread it and to make sure it doesn’t contain any typos or errors. 

The Writing Style

We can’t say anything about their writing style since they don’t have it at all. When customers expect they will work together with the writer, developing ideas and insights, the company just doesn’t provide them with such an opportunity.

So, suppose you want to make the paper more personal. In that case, especially when it goes about the admission letter or paper statement, you need to read it several times and make appropriate amends. 

Safety Guarantees

It is impossible to find any information about the safety guarantees on their website. If you open a FAQ page, you’ll see that they promise customers their papers will be unique, and they also mention the money-back guarantee (if you’re lucky enough). But how can you be sure that they don’t use your personal data? They can share it with third parties, and, who knows, whether your document is completely anonymous. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process itself is pretty easy. If it was the only criterion to evaluate this website and define Paperhelp cheating, we would say it is an amazing company. 

Firstly, you need to provide some details about your academic level, type of paper, quantity of pages or words, and deadline. You’ll see the approximate price at once. Then you can proceed to order and choose the quick form or an extended form. Provide more information on your assignment, and choose the writer’s category if you want. You can also add some additional services, such as a plagiarism report, table of contents, an abstract page, etc., Of course, with extra charge. 

24/7 Customer Support

Most writing companies work online these days since it is the best way to provide customers with instant services. You don’t need to go somewhere, communicate with real people. Actually, it doesn’t even matter where you’re currently; even if you’re in Europe or Australia, you can order a paper from a U.S. company exactly because it works online.

That’s why all such services promise to provide customers with 24\7 support. They say their managers work round o clock waiting for your messages. But if you pay attention, you’ll mention that it is a bot, not a real person who answers your requests.

Besides, PaperHelp asks you to provide them with your name and email before you start the chat. It is definitely no the safest thing. 

Final Verdict

So, after our investigation and reading some Paperhelp reviews written by real customers, we can say that we would never recommend this service.

Our overall rate is 2.1 since it is impossible to say that they have nothing to offer. Their website design is really lovely, and they provide you with a lot of additional services. But the question is: who will write your paper? Maybe they have some authors who are good professionals, or they want to hire such a team. But right now, their level is definitely not high. 

Quality Of Service

It is absolutely normal when students pay for services. Some of them can ever pay extra since there are people with different needs and budgets. For example, if this assignment is your last chance to boost academic performance, of course, you’ll hire someone who is able to help you.

But PaperHelp can’t provide you with any guarantees. You can’t feel safe, so even if you try this company, think about plan B as well. 

Compliance With Deadlines

One more aspect that is worth your attention. When you submit an order, you indicate the deadline, and your final price depends on it.

But it doesn’t mean that this service’s writers will deliver the draft without any delays. It is like Russian roulette: you never know.

Choose Reliable Writing Help

We are sorry to tell you that is not the best choice. But it doesn’t mean that you should be disappointed in all companies that provide writing services. We know some companies with a flawless reputation, and they are always ready to have your back. If you feel that you need professional assistance, just let us know! 

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FAQ is an active player in the writing market. While it recognizes itself as a good option for students who seek somebody they can rely on, numerous users’ reviews state the opposite. Let’s find out the truth at last.

What is PaperHelp?

PaperHelp is a writing company that offers students assistance with essays and plenty of other papers such as thesis, coursework, research paper, personal statement, etc. When a potential client enters the site, it may seem to be a reliable and safe place to pay for professional help. However, many former users can’t agree with this. They post negative comments and encourage others to stay away from this company.

Is PaperHelp legit?

Yes, it is, if you believe the company. But the reality is far from this statement. The students complain about the service’s quality. Even with a long list of promised guarantees, you should stay attentive in case you decide to place an order on

Is PaperHelp reliable?

The service surely can’t be called reliable. You can wait for a response from the support system for a long time and eventually not get an efficient solution to your problem. The company has so many guarantees but doesn’t care about realizing them.

Is PaperHelp a scam?

PaperHelp is not a scam since you will get your order. Still, you can’t be sure that all your requirements will be met and a unique paper will be delivered with no delays. Many students state that they can’t entrust their reputation to this company.

Is PaperHelp safe?

The site mentions that the client’s safety is above all for the team. Still, it is not clear how exactly the administration protects the personal and banking details of the users from third parties. With PaperHelp, you have to be ready to lose your data and spoil your academic reputation.

Is PaperHelp plagiarism-free?

Numerous negative comments of former clients give the reason to say that the company doesn’t deliver unique papers. The writers do not have corresponding experience, knowledge, and skills to craft the paper from scratch. As a result, they deliver poor-quality documents that are full of grammar, spelling, and punctual mistakes. There are no smooth transitions between paragraphs, and the overall content looks messed up.

Are there PaperHelp discounts?

The company doesn’t have a separate page with information related to the discounts. Along with a promising 15% discount on the first order and 35% on the second one on Black Friday, you will not find clear details on the site. Also, the administration encourages you to enter the promo code while placing an order, but the story is all the same. You know nothing about where to take this promo code exactly.