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  • Affordable Prices – 3
  • Online reputation – 2
  • Skilled Writers – 1
  • Safety Guarantees – 2
  • User Friendly Support – 4
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September, 2021 Last Update

Studymoose is an online operating platform for writing that customers should avoid, from our viewpoint. This service may fail with addressing properly all requirements customers may have to complete their tasks. Delays with delivering papers are also possible. Our reviewers didn’t like how this service operates, and its rating is somewhere 2/10. Speaking precisely, we can tell you these important points about the service. It is better to consider such before referring here for help.

First Impression

Our initial impression of Studymoose was not good, we should state. This service fails to ensure the good overall appearance of its existing website and the quality of paper-making services rendered. The support of this considered service also suffers, from our viewpoint. Unfortunately, it gets plenty of negative reviews from customers who complain about these problems. In this Studymoose review, we will cover the most important ones.


Our assessors experienced bags while downloading the Study Moose website. That was problematic, from our viewpoint. Taking into account that it was the first experience of dealing with the service, that could make a negative impression for possible customers too. So, our point of view is that the operation of its website should be enhanced. The website was far from convenient in our cases. 


Our opinion is that the design this website has is poor. The service lacks qualified designers to create a good appearance for this website, pick the right colors and create a pleasant-to-look combination. There are no good elements located there. Our impression of this website was far from good.

Visibility of Useful Information

That is another problematic point, we think. The service failed, from our point of view, to interest future users from the first glance. It takes time to review the entire page and find correct information about the service. We saw other examples of services where useful information was visible at once without the necessity to scroll a page a number of times, like with the considered writing platform.


Among the advantages of this writing service, we can list the following:

  • Database with lots of free samples of papers
  • Contact with writers is arranged directly
  • Service operates 24/7


This service, unfortunately, has more deficiencies, among which are the following:

  • Prices are too high
  • Quality of services suffers
  • Possible delays
  • Support is not ensured well
  • Legal issues

Precise List of Services

The range of services this company may provide is extensive that is out of any questions. Precisely, the company may suggest preparing essays, various assignments, articles, admission documents, annotated bibliographies, reviews, business plans, case studies, creative and critical thinking papers, reports, speeches, term papers, and many other types of tasks and papers. Still, the service fails to ensure the quality of offered writing options, unfortunately.


Our opinion is that the pricing options the service suggests are not beneficial for clients. They are too expensive, from our point of view, compared with other services. The minimum price for 1 page starts from $14. That is the “cheapest” option. The final price may be dramatically increased, taking into consideration the complexity and urgency of a paper. From our standpoint, the existing pricing system this service has is far from explicit.

Payment Options

It is exactly possible to use any existing payment card here for a customer. Luckily, the service cooperates with reliable payment operators. But, we think it is not enough to ensure appropriate interaction with customers.

Features and Discounts

The service fails to ensure a sufficient list of extra features available at other writing platforms. It is problematic to get a discount here too. The service is not too generous to its customers. At the moment, we see that it simply fails to provide such to customers. Taking into account its prices, that could be more than problematic.

Money Back Guarantee

It appears to be too problematic to get money back, we should say. The service declares it likely has such a guarantee. But, it is problematic to get it, in fact. The service may simply state that a customer is not eligible for getting such a refund. Unfortunately, some dissatisfied customers were angry about the matters of refund. That is a problematic point of view, we think. It doesn’t signify the service strives to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Information about Writers

We paid special attention to the matter of the writer’s qualification and their interaction with customers. Our findings, unfortunately, were not very good. Assessors were dissatisfied with the quality of service because the next aspects suffered a lot, from our viewpoint.

Communication with a Writer

Our standpoint is that writers should pay more attention to the needs of customers and apply proactive effort to meet their expectations. At the moment, we see a not very responsible approach to writing. It is possible to get here writers that don’t threaten their work too responsibly.

Qualification Degree

The service declares it likely involves professional writers with degrees. But, the outcomes of writing signify the poor qualification of its writers, in fact. They don’t appear to be native speakers and simply lack the qualification to perform more or less complex assignments. Our precise opinion is that the service fails to control the performance of its writers and gets, as a consequence, poor feedback from its existing customers.

Quality of Writing

The existing writing quality suffers a lot from our viewpoint. The papers delivered to customers lack clarity and sometimes fail to expand the main topic of an assignment. Also, writings are sometimes too complicated to read. They may also contain various kinds of errors and omissions. Unfortunately, writers operate at the moment in a manner that can fail to meet customers’ requirements.

The Writing Style

The style of writing is poor, from our point of view. The manner in which papers are completed makes us believe such was completed not by native speakers and professional writers too. Writers fail to make papers flow. Texts lack clarity in certain aspects of expanding topics. Precisely, such papers lack clear statements and are difficult to read. So, from our standpoint, the style suffers. 

Safety Guarantees

As any potential customer, you may obviously wonder is Study Moose safe? Our assessment has confirmed that the platform is not entirely safe. We have not detected any sufficient information about the applied security measures, including those aimed at preventing any potential data leaks. The service cooperates with reliable payment operators. But, that is not enough for ensuring a safe environment for the interaction with customers, from our point of view.

Ordering Process

The process of ordering papers is simple and standard. A customer may need to find their order form only and indicate all details relevant to such an order. These are basically such things as the type of paper required, subject, deadline, and other requirements concerning this paper. A customer may indicate special formatting or any other specific requirements he/she has. After checking this order form, it has to be submitted only. The price for such a paper will be calculated automatically. A customer will be redirected to a respective payment page where only payment details should be indicated. A customer needs to confirm such a payment. Unfortunately, there can be bags while dealing with the website this service has.

The service also promises to process all incoming orders shortly and find the right authors. But, as we see, possible delays may be at this point. Later the writing process and checking a ready paper will come. The ordering process is basically simple, but it may appear to be problematic because of possible delays and failures of writers.

24/7 Customer Support

The support team is not the best one to solve a problem from our standpoint. Our viewpoint is that the service doesn’t ensure sufficient standards for providing answers. It may delay such answers and may fail to provide the exact support required. As a consequence, this results in negative reviews of dissatisfied customers. The service is not likely to ensure sufficient control over its support agents (as for writers too).

Final Verdict

Based on all findings, we can summarize that the service lacks qualified writers and is not the best place to refer for a paper. There are many important points we would like to draw customers’ attention to.

Quality of Service

The service cannot ensure good quality of its writings, from our point of view. It fails to meet the basic requirements, expand a topic well, and also ensure proper editing for papers rendered. These points naturally result in getting poor-quality papers by customers. The service also doesn’t ensure good support for its customers. We consider the quality of service to be far from good.

Compliance with Deadlines

The service may easily fail to meet all requirements concerning a deadline and provide an intermediate result to a customer. That is a serious point we have revealed in certain customers’ reviews. The service doesn’t have any standards for timely delivery compared with other writing services that have implemented such strict demands all writers should follow.

Do We Recommend It?

No, we surely cannot recommend this service as the best choice. The service fails to meet basic customers’ requirements and can miss a deadline. It likely involves not very professional writers. Its support function also suffers a lot. So, from our standpoint, this service is risky. One of our TOP rated services may be a far better choice to solve your writing issue. 

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If you are limited in time, we have prepared for your answers to the most important questions about This information may provide you a basic understanding of the main drawbacks of the service operation.

Is StudyMoose Reliable?

We cannot consider this evaluated service as reliable. It lacks good writers to cooperate with. It also may fail with meeting a deadline for an order. Getting a poorly-written paper is also a problematic point, from our point of view. Customers also complain about the failed support this service likely ensures. These points make us believe this service is not reliable enough to recommend to you that.

Is Study Moose Legit?

We cannot say for sure that this company is legit. Our assessors have not detected any sufficient information about the registration of this company. It also declares it likely follows all applicable laws. The service has its internal policies to regulate the interaction with customers, but, from our point of view, these policies lack clarity.

Is StudyMoose Trustworthy?

Studymoose feedback is far from those that can be considered trustworthy. The service fails to address the minimal requirements of customers and meet their deadlines. If the service underperforms in this regard, it cannot be called trustworthy, from our point of view.

Is StudyMoose Cheating?

Unfortunately, some customers complain that Studymoose is cheating. These probably are dissatisfied customers who paid money and didn’t get the expected result of writing. Unfortunately, such reviews exist, which indicates this service’s failure to address all requirements properly for delivering good-quality papers. 

Is StudyMoose Good?

Our opinion – it is not. Our assessors came to this conclusion because of the failed performance in terms of the most important parameters for any writing service: quality of writing and support for customers. Our opinion that the service fails to select good writers and ensure good quality standards for the papers delivered. As an outcome, customers may get badly-written papers from 

This naturally results in negative feedback about the service. In most of the negative reviews about this service, our assessors saw exactly this cause – the service failed to address all requirements as it should be. And also, its support agents failed to provide required assistance when problems emerged. Our opinion is that ordering here may be risky. So, we cannot consider this service as entirely good.