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  • Affordable Prices – 1
  • Online reputation – 3
  • Skilled Writers – 1
  • Safety Guarantees – 2
  • User Friendly Support – 2
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September, 2021 Last Update

EssayBox is a pretty much popular writing service that offers a wide range of products. My personal experience in dealing with this service was not very successful. So, I decided to share my experience with those people who don’t want to get a poor paper and risk missing a deadline for its submission.

First Impression

My EssayBox review is based not only on the first impression of this service but also on my personal experience of ordering an essay. So, I can judge more or less objectively about what you can face here. Of course, my experience cannot tell for the overall performance this service has. But, many similar negative reviews indicate certain points new customers should pay attention to. Let’s find out what EssayBox is.


Their website was rather good for using. It had pretty many options. That website was developed well from my point of view. Perhaps, it appeared to be a bit outdated. But that is not the most important point about writing service. My appraisal for this website interface is rather good.


Surely, they paid a lot of attention to making their website workable but forgot to draw the same portion of attention to making it good-looking also. That is important from my point of view. I want to visit a website and have the impression they are professionals who care about their appearance. I didn’t have this impression here.

Visibility of Useful Information

I had no serious issues with finding the exact info I required for making my choice. The description of services was reachable. All prices also were visible. Their order form was also noticeable. I guess that was the main accent of their website. They strived to place the most favorable info upward. But, personally, I lacked info about their legitimacy. 


EssayBox has certain advantages of using it:

  1. It renders plagiarism-free essays. This was in my case. I had not found any reviews that indicated the detected plagiarism.
  2. They deliver papers on time. The following deadlines are strict. But, there is one important point here. If your essay or other paper needs to be revised, you can waste extra time and miss your submission deadline.
  3. They provide samples of works. But, as you may understand, this doesn’t guarantee you any success with your own writing. 
  4. They allow free inquiry. That is very generous from their side. 


My experience shows that EssayBox has more deficiencies:

  1. Prices are too high. They request too much for ordinary assignments.
  2. The quality suffers. It is hard to consider the content of delivered papers as quality. It was very low in my case.
  3. Lack of professional writers. Their writers can hardly be called professionals. But, they declare they are so.
  4. Support is weak. They are not helpful and respond to delays. This is what issue I had experienced.

Precise List of Services

EssayBox provides various types of writing:

  • different types of essays;
  • coursework; 
  • research papers;
  • term papers;
  • case study;
  • bibliographies;
  • articles;
  • business plans and proposals;
  • samples of creative writing;
  • dissertations;
  • CVs/resumes;
  • White papers;
  • and other types of papers.

They render ghostwriting services, editing, and proofreading, also. You can order here a PowerPoint presentation. In one word – they can do nearly everything. The service declares it can cover any field of study and any format. 


EssayBox prices are very high. I think their rates are unreasonable. I don’t know for whom they write these texts. It appears likely all papers will be prepared by highly-qualified professionals. But this is not so. Their pricing policy is not well-balanced. It doesn’t provide any sufficient guarantee that you will pay money and get a more or less good result. The pricing policy is badly developed.

Payment Options

This writing service provides a wide range of payment options. You may use here your credit card, PayPal, American Express, and Discover. It appears that all transactions are secured as they are entrusted to reliable service providers. I used my credit card. You need only indicate its number, CVV2 code, and the date of expiration. 

Features and Discounts

To make your price a little bit affordable, you need to have an EssayBox discount code/EssayBox coupon code. I failed to find relevant info. They only state that they provide discounts, but this is only words. Other customers said the service could provide discounts of 5-15 %. But, this information is not official. So, it is hard for me to say here. 

Money Back Guarantee

You can expect to get a more or less good paper that complies with all your requirements. Or you may wait until this paper is polished. There is no sufficient mechanism for getting your money back in case of serious difficulties. That is surely bad and risky. And it doesn’t sound like a reliable service at all.

Online reputation

Why did I order an essay here? I found plenty of good comments about this service at Trustpilot and SiteJabber. I regret that I had ignored other negative EssayBox reviews; I had made the same mistake as people who left them. This service has an average reputation. So, feedback varies. But, if you are in doubt about choosing this or any other service, I suggest you pay attention to negative reviews first. This can prevent you from a negative experience, as in my case. 

The Information about Writers

This service could select more advanced writers, I think. One that provided me an essay was surely not very qualified. Other customers also faced the same problem. I think they should invest in writers in the first turn. Their work is crucial for the overall success of a writing service itself. That is not a thing to save!

Communication with a Writer

Precisely, my communication was dull. As I stated before, I had doubts about the professionalism of my writer. Our communication was not successful all the time. I needed to repeat certain things once or twice, explain again. That was awful. I expected to get a better professional, at least in communications. They should provide at least training for their writers.

Qualification Degree

The service states it hires only writers with degrees. I hope so. My writer provided me a not very quality paper, so I had doubts about any degree’s existence. Maybe, I was too severe about that. But, other reviews I had revealed later emphasized the same. It appears to be some kind of systematic issue, I think. 

Quality of Writing

For that price they request, the quality should be immaculate. But, an essay I got in the outcome was more than poorly written. Amendments surely were required. Just imagine there was no structure there, all points were mixed, and some statements were not relevant to my topic. But, they complied with all formatting requirements.

The Writing Style

The writing style my writer had was awful. I don’t say even a word about the readability of this paper. The text of my essay was poorly-composed. It lacked transitions between paragraphs. All ideas were mixed. I expect to get a more logically-organized paper. The style of writing, in my case, was bad! I was disappointed.

Safety Guarantees

Many customers asked whether EssayBox is reliable or a scam? That was a hard question to answer. I risked and found out they were closer to scam, taking into account the quality of services they provide. That should not be so! 

Is EssayBox legit? They declare they are legit. But, I don’t want to risk anymore and order something here. And I don’t advise you to order anything there also.

Is EssayBox safe? I have not experienced any serious issues with my privacy. And sincerely hope they secure my personal data. My professor didn’t find out about my request. But, using this service doesn’t add any confidence at all. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process is quite usual. You only need to find their order form and fill it. You should complete all the compulsory fields and indicate any special preferences you may have. For example, you should indicate your paper type, formatting requirements, subject, deadline, and other details. I don’t remember for sure all. But, the ordering process seems to be usual.

Later, you will be redirected to a price calculator and a payment page. After completion of your payment, you get a confirmation. Here is how your experience with this service starts. 

24/7 Customer Support

I expected to get more professional customer support here. It was too slow. Perhaps, I was not lucky enough again to get a good customer agent. But, that is not an issue from my point of view. That support agent I communicated with didn’t appear to be a real professional. He handled each matter too slowly and could not provide me sufficient answers. That was very bad!

Final Verdict

I don’t advise you to order anything here. My personal experience was not successful at all. They took a lot of money but provided me poor writing service and the same customer support. That is bad. I will never ignore any negative reviews anymore!!!!

Quality of Service

The quality of services is closer to low. My essay was poorly structured. There were also issues with language accuracy, word choices, and grammar. Is that good? It is not at all!

The quality of papers should be much higher for that money they want to get. I saw that nearly basic writing requirements were not followed at all. 

Compliance with Deadlines

That was the only good issue in my customer experience. They managed to arrange their work to deliver an essay on time. But, I required it to be polished additionally. I was nervous about missing my deadline because of that. I saw that other customers were faced with missed deadlines. That is terrible!!!!

Choose Reliable Writing Help

Well, I don’t advise you about using this service. You can waste here a lot of your nerves and money. This is not an issue of explaining to the writer obvious and basic things. Also, the support team should really support and not only pretend they are doing so. The quality of writing works is too low for those prices they request to pay. I don’t suggest you referring here even for once!!!!!!! I will surely avoid requesting writing help here. The main guarantee of 100% satisfaction is not ensured here. And, frankly speaking, it is not realistic if we take into account the quality of service and support they deliver.

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Hidden measures of identification are complicated but have not excluded the actual hosts of Essaybox. Ukrainian company that resides in Kyiv and provides writing services of dubious quality. Behind a pleasant design are not genuine writers.

What is

Essaybox is a marketing company that provides writing services. Unfortunately, a generally convenient website hides a much lower level of professionalism. The website itself offers many options to select. With the sample of works posted on the website, users have no guarantees that their work will be excellent. High prices scare customers off.

Is legit?

Among plenty of information, such as services description and prices, the site does not represent any legitimacy. The writers pretend to be highly professional specialists in their field, but the outcome papers do not confirm this claim. Customers complain about the limited assistance of the customer support center. All these features significantly decrease the level of legitimacy even if it pretends to be.

Is reliable?

Essaybox offers all possible writing services such as essays, research papers, course works, articles, business documentation, statement of purposes and CVs, PowerPoint presentations, and many more in any field of studying and any format. Editing and proofreading are the stages of the writing process. However, space costs for paperwork distort the impression and decrease the desire to collaborate. Besides, the professionalism of the authors does not match the high prices.

Is a scam?

The contradictory sides of Essaybox work hasten them to scammers. Numerous poor quality services jeopardize many clients, who pay their money for the declared well-done paper. Internet reviews showed that users are not happy with this service and would not recommend it after a one-time order.

Is safe?

If a person did not experience any problem during one order, that does not mean that hassles won’t strike them in the future. The most frequent complaints refer to the poor quality structure, language accuracy, choice of words, and grammar. Clients risk wasting their time waiting and receive paperwork of a low quality which can not pretend for a high grade at studying establishment or job admission. 

Is plagiarism-free?

This company provides plagiarism-free assignments. According to the Internet comments, the level of plagiarism is absent or very low. But this is nearly the only benefit of the firm. The writing issues are at a critically low level.

Are there trustworthy?

Essaybox should better start improving the quality of its services urgently to save its reputation and the client database. No guaranteed satisfaction for expensive costs is not what the clients expect to get in strictly determined terms. Statistics say that each person who tried Essaybox services once is not interested in applying again. That should be a wake-up call for the organization.