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  • Affordable Prices – 1.6
  • Online reputation – 5
  • Skilled Writers – 2
  • Safety Guarantees – 2.5
  • User Friendly Support – 2.4
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September, 2021 Last Update

Studying at college or university, you acquire skills that will make you a good specialist in your field and a professional. There is no doubt that lawyers should know the law, but they should also be able to express their thoughts and argue their position competently. People working in the humanitarian field must have critical and analytical thinking skills. It is an all-round development that helps us achieve career success, make useful contacts, and achieve our goals. That’s why regardless of the major you choose when studying, you will definitely deal with writing assignments: essays, term papers, case studies, etc. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean that these tasks will make up your entire schedule. Your professors will provide you with other homework as well. Besides, you need to earn money, to spend time with friends, and just to have rest. That’s why such services as Academized are pretty popular these days.

We know that you may ask yourself: is Academized trustworthy? That’s why we decided to prepare a detailed guide with all answers for you. We completed a little investigation to find out all the truth about this company. So, let’s see!

What Was The First Impression Of This Company?

The first impression is what really matters. You may know nothing about the company but love it already because you’ve read the fact they help homeless animals. Of course, we don’t know whether Academized supports charity, but we can open its website to see how they position themselves. 

The first thing you can see is a big Order form. It’s a right decision for marketing strategies, but when your task is to answer a question: “is Academized legit?” it looks not so wise. 

We haven’t found any information about this company, the date of its registration, and so on. The only fact that we know is that their head office is located in Cyprus. Maybe it is warm there, but you should understand that it is not that country where solid companies have their offices. 

Website Design

We don’t think we are great designers to evaluate websites, but we can do it as users. Speaking honestly, is Academized a good website? Yes, it is. The best one? Maybe no. But they should be the best writers, not the best design creators. So, it is not a reason to avoid this company.

Website design here doesn’t look overloaded, you can find buttons you need, and they don’t bother you with numerous pictures from photo stocks. The blue and white colors they use are really nice. 

Usability and Customer Experience

We can’t say too much about usability as well since they don’t provide users with too many features to make the website overloaded. If you need to find a section with prices or samples, you can do it easily. They don’t hide them. Some pages need a couple of seconds to load, but it may depend on your Internet quality, so there are no reasons to worry.

The only thing that we really didn’t like about this website’s usability is a huge footer. It contains dozens of keywords that are not really necessary. They are here just to attract more visitors to the website since when a person looks in google “buy dissertation online”, one can find this company. All companies do that these days but it would be better to choose another way to place keywords.


  • Nice website design;
  • Free samples;
  • Discounts.


  • High prices;
  • Fake writers;
  • Unfriendly customer support.

List of Available Services

If you open the list of services Academized offers, you can say not too many opportunities:

  • writing;
  • proofreading;
  • math\science;
  • copywriting;
  • rewriting;
  • editing.

It is impossible to understand what papers do they actually work with. For example, do they have an author who is good at the capstone project? The full list of services is available only when you’re submitting an order and choosing the type of paper. It wasn’t the best solution since some customers may go away without an absolute understanding of what they can order here. 

Pricing Policy

Honestly, prices are one of the most important aspects all students consider when choosing a writing company. Of course, they want to save their money because there are a lot of other things where they can spend them. However, good companies can’t work for a song. They need to pay their authors and managers, and the business should be profitable. What they can do is to make their pricing policy reasonable and affordable.

Unfortunately, Academized prices are a bit higher than we expected. For example, if you’re a high school student and you need an essay in 14 days, you need to pay $13. College and university students pay much more. And of course, the deadline in 2 weeks is a very rare thing. Most likely you need a paper in 3-5 days. Some students may have urgent orders. College’s 3rd-year essay written in 4 days will cost you $20, and if you need a document in 4 hours, pay $34. It is a price for 1 page if you don’t have an Academized promo code.

They also have some additional opportunities, e.g. the preferred writer. They make the final cost even more.

Discount Opportunities

The good news is that many writing companies provide their customers with an opportunity to reduce the price. Academized discounts are also available. If you’re a new customer, you can get 15% off. There is also an opportunity to receive the Academized discount code if you make an order for more than 15 pages. 

It may be a good opportunity to reduce the price if you want to receive a paper written by their authors. But in fact, Academized coupon is not so profitable, and maybe it would be a better choice to choose another company that has a more affordable pricing policy. 

Payment Methods provides customers with 4 payment methods only:

  1. VISA;
  2. MasterCard;
  3. American Express;
  4. Discover.

These systems are well known and reliable but, sadly, you don’t have any other opportunities, e.g. PayPal. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Any company that is officially registered and provides people with some kinds of services must have a refund policy. And it is the best answer to the question: Academized is scam? Scammers don’t have policies, they don’t return the money, so you shouldn’t think they are real frauds.

But it doesn’t mean they are absolutely fair. Their conditions are far from perfect. For example, customers have 48 hours only to initiate the refund, so it is not very convenient. You’re not a professor, and you may miss some details when you receive the final draft. And when you get a C-grade or even worse, it is too late to ask for your money back. 

Reputation on independent websites

Choosing a company to order writing services, don’t trust its website only. You can easily find a page with Academized writing reviews on their website but it contains positive testimonials only. Some of them have 4 stars out of 5 to make them look fewer suspicious. But if you read them, you can be shocked. For example, one customer writes that it is a “Lifesaving company!” but his rate is 4. Why? The company has saved one’s life, it deserves 5! We know why. Because it is a random rate.

That’s why it is important to read Academized reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, Sitejabber that are independent platforms with honest comments. They don’t delete or edit testimonials, so you can find out a lot of negative information about this website. 

Qualification of the writers’ team

The team of authors is the greatest asset of each company since it is what makes the business work. If you read promises on the website, you’ll easily find out that Academized claims all their writers are experts with Master’s or even Ph.D. degrees. And of course, they are native English speakers. 

But if you read some Academized service reviews, you will understand that you should always cut the cards. People are not satisfied with their papers: they contain a lot of mistakes and typos. Some of them even include unacceptable plagiarism. So, they definitely are not experts. 

What do we know about authors?

And what do you know about your author? You can open one’s profile, but it doesn’t contain any useful information at all. There is an ID instead of a name. You can’t see a photo to ensure it is a real person. Data about education is also not available. Just the amount of orders completed. So, how can customers be sure the company really has a team? You don’t know these people, they are like mysterious ghosts. And, of course, you can’t communicate with the author directly.

Free samples

There is an opportunity to read some samples and order a similar paper. But as you may already understand from Academized reviews and our comments, you can’t be sure that their authors write these samples. They are necessary to attract more customers, to create an image of a successful and trustworthy company. 

The good news is that you can use these samples for your inspiration. They are free, so read them to understand the structure of the paper, some of its features. However, remember that you shouldn’t copy or paraphrase these pieces because it is plagiarism. 

Safety Guarantees

Before submitting an order, read the Privacy Policy that is published on to ensure that they provide you with all guarantees you need. The company should protect your personal and payment data, so don’t give them any information until you’re absolutely sure it is safe for you. 

Order Now

We have tried to submit an order to evaluate whether this process is as easy as promised. And it is really not that complicated.

Actually, it is not their success since all writing companies have a similar order form. Customers need to provide all information about their assignments: academic level, type of paper, discipline, topic, number of pages, and so on. Once you fill in this form and click Order now, you’ll be redirected to a page with order preferences. It is the place where you can add some extra services, e.g. originality report, or a proofread by an editor. Then you need to sign up and proceed to payment. 

The procedure is logical and easy, so most likely you won’t feel any inconveniences. 

Customer Support Service

There is one thing that became an absolute disappointment. Each business should not just sell something but provide customers with friendly support, especially when it works online. You can’t see people you’re trying to reach, so you need to chat with them.

Their live chat, unfortunately, is not live. They have bots with automatic messages and requests. Moreover, they ask you to choose one of these messages to send them. Maybe they think that all situations are templates? So, it is wrong.

And they also require you to provide your email even before you start chatting with a manager. You’re not their customer right now, but they want your personal data.

Final Word

Unfortunately, our Academized review is pretty negative. They have a couple of advantages, but they are not so beneficial. Disadvantages, in this case, value much more. But we want to provide you with 2 main aspects we have considered when evaluating this company. There is no business without flaws, but these two features should be amazing, with no excuses. 

Quality Of Writing Services

Firstly, we have mentioned that customers are not satisfied with Academized services. And it is the primary goal of their business: to make students happy. If you pay money and get a paper or homework of poor quality, it is really bad. So we can’t rate such a company high. 

Compliance With Deadlines

And the next thing that is also essential to take into account is timely delivery. Many customers write that they have received their papers with delays. Can you imagine that? The company gives you 48 hours only to request a money refund, but they deliver drafts with delays, and students just need to sit and wait. That’s why it is important to ensure that you have enough time to proofread the document and make some amends. Submitting an order, always mention a deadline that is a couple of days earlier than the real one. 

Order a paper from a trustworthy writing company

Our experience with Academized is definitely not the best. But it doesn’t mean you should be disappointed in all writing services. There are still reliable companies that are customer-focused and do their best to provide you with good emotions and high-quality paper. So, explore our list of trustworthy options, and order a paper to get your deserved A-grade! 

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Academized is an online platform that brings writing, editing, and proofreading services. Customers can get online assistance with science and math projects as well. The service brings quite expensive prices for clients.

What is academized?

Academized is the online platform where clients can order writing, editing, or proofreading services. The company gets lots of reviews on various platforms. Still, they look far from being trustworthy.

Is academized legit?

This is a legit service that provides academic assistance. The company offers a set of academic services for clients. It brings high prices and often an average quality of services. Still, it remains a legit online service.

Is academized reliable?

The company brings an operative refund policy for clients. Still, it is not very clear, and the refund period is only 48 hours. Thus, if your professor declines your paper after the named period, you will not get a refund.

Is academized a scam?

This online platform is not a scam. Still, it uses some scam methods to advertise its services. For example, the writers’ profiles on the website are fake. Many client testimonials prove that lots of writers are not even English native speakers.

Is academized safe?

You can define this service safe if you have never dealt with its refund policy or revisions. My paper was written with 5 major mistakes. It took my writer 2 days to improve it. Still, the final quality was not satisfactory at all.

Is academized plagiarism-free?

Some reviews on reputable online platforms reveal the cases when the delivered papers were partially plagiarized. The clients have applied for revisions once getting plagiarized papers from this online writing service.

Is there academized cheating?

The service does not provide real information about its writers. According to numerous clients’ testimonials, they do not have any top university degrees. They can hardly be called native English speakers at all.