Top Reasons Why Do Students Cheat

Young people have to prepare lots of assignments during the term to pass the course successfully. Often, they do not have time or required skills to present top-quality content that will impress their professors and give them a high grade. This is when cheating comes in. It is a wide-spread issue in education life. More and more students practice cheating while creating a necessary academic assignment that it seems that the only way to succeed is to cheat yourself. At the same time, most colleges and universities say they are fighting cheating among students, but it only looks like a theoretical strategy. Let’s find out whether they really try to overcome the problem.

How Do Universities Intend to Cope with Cheating

Cheating is known to be a massive problem since more and more people decide to pay for writing services instead of wasting time and effort. Such an amount of people makes it difficult to monitor all of them. That’s why most colleges and universities have introduced a rule that says every cheater risks being banned in the education sphere forever. To be more precise, a person accused of cheating will spend the rest of his/her life working in a factory. But the truth is that if you get a bad mark or fail the exam, the result will be the same. Consequently, young people decide to risk and check their luck.

Still, academic integrity is what you are expected from the teachers and professors to have while creating a necessary task. Academic establishments warn young people against approaching a professional writing service because it is recognized as unfair to get a good mark. Students who think about breaking this rule, the risk to be accused of plagiarism, get a poor mark, and even to be expelled.

The Ways of Cheating on Essay

Students can cheat on essays very easily since they are allowed to perform this assignment at home, where nobody can monitor how the paper is actually prepared. One of the most common tricks is to pay for ready writing or ask a friend to do it for you. Just recall a traditional situation when a girl and a guy are chatting online. The girl is asking the guy whether he has done the assignment already. He replies positively and gets the answer to how late she is with her paper. This is how the most common situation of asking for help with crafting paper begins. However, nowadays, the chances that your friend will help you in such a way are incredibly low as everybody has a busy lifestyle that doesn’t leave any opportunity to do something for free, even if it is your loyal friend. That’s why professional writing services are becoming more and more popular every day, despite all bans and restrictions. Their popularity is boosting simultaneously with their number. This is not surprising since the demand always creates supply.

Essay Writing Companies

Earlier, people called an essay writing service a homework help service, but in fact, there isn’t anything illegal about these companies. In 2007, Google prohibited advertising the writing services, but it didn’t stop most professional writing teams from offering essay preparation to young people who do not want to perform academic assignments on their own. They guarantee unique content and total confidentiality for all types of college papers. Also, there are plenty of positive reviews of other students who have already used their services. The only thing that you need to be attentive to while approaching any service is the reputation of a writing company, which can guarantee that you will get what you actually need and without any delays.

Do Students Really Use Writing Services?

Yes, of course, they do. It would be even more difficult to say whether they have written it on their own. Why on Earth a young person will waste time and effort on crafting the paper if the rest of the students have already ordered the essay at one of the professional writing services. This is why they prefer to do things that appeal to them more while the experienced authors work on their content. As a result, young people get passing grades, or, if they are lucky to find a top-quality team, they have all chances to receive a higher grade.

Are Writing Companies Helpful For Illegal Workers?

There are no doubts they are. People who come to another country will work instead of obtaining education and use their salary to purchase essays from professional writers. Mind that the chances to identify a student who ordered writing a custom essay are very low. These are foreigners who are accused of buying ready content as their works do not contain broken English. Anyway, no teacher or professor is going to accuse you of approaching a professional writing service, as this requires investing time and effort.

Is Approaching A Writing Service Justified Ethically?

Let’s face the truth; life has never been fair. This has its own pluses and minuses. For instance, you can go on a vacation abroad a few times a year, while your neighbor has nothing to feed the children with. Different situations happen, and you simply can’t control everything. Or, you may face some family tragedy or get ill while trying to create unique content to impress your professor.

You may have your cat die or learn that your best friend is suffering from home abuse. If not to take really serious things that you can’t control or cope with, there is one more reason why a person decided to approach a professional writing company. When you miss all your deadlines and have an impressive scope of work to do, then what on Earth cares whether placing an order on one of the numerous writing services is justified ethically. In such situations, the study is perhaps the last thing that you think about. When approaching a professional writing service seems to be the best decision in your life, it is not important what other people would say. After all, once you try to use this kind of assistance, you will use it again and again, recommending all your friends to do the same.