Being Late To School – How To Make Excuses Correctly


Remember that you were late for a few minutes? And this, by the way, is already a delay. It is better not to make excuses in front of the teacher in the style of “being late for school because I overslept.” The teacher will only get even angrier. But what if a student is late for school for a good reason? Or for no valid reason? What will he get for this? Now let’s talk about everything in detail.

What Is Being Late?

One student complains to a classmate that she was only five minutes late for school, but the teacher scolded. Is this a delay? The teacher misjudges lateness. Dear students, you should know that lateness is considered to be an absence from study time for a period of one minute to four hours. And for a five-minute violation of the curriculum, the student may be punished as well.

Top 4 Plausible Reasons for Being Late to School

Such a familiar thought: “I’m late for school, what to say and how to play up my story in such a way that everyone will believe?” As one detective put it, “To understand a criminal, you have to think like a criminal.” Therefore, the first rule in forming an excuse is a plausible, valid reason for being late. Think over your story to the smallest detail: no inconsistencies and helping an old woman to cross the road. Otherwise, you risk getting a reprimand from the teacher, and possibly your parents will be called into a serious conversation. To prevent this, we will consider several options for excuses.

Transport Problems

Transport problems are the most common and strong argument for being late. No student can influence the school bus driver. Only the driver can go faster or slower. Sometimes the driver can stop too often to get all the students, and because of this, there is an unexpected delay. If you are late for other reasons, ask your classmates what pace the bus was traveling today and if the students were late. This way, you can hedge yourself and look convincing. Also, to be believable, you may resent that the driver did not notice the time constraints and was in no hurry.

Couldn’t Close the Apartment/House

A weighty argument in favor of being late can be that your parents left for work faster than you and you could not cope with the door lock. For example, the lock is jammed, or you could not close the door. You couldn’t leave the house or apartment open. While you were looking for a service to help, you missed the lesson. Also, to look believable, you can write or call your classmates and ask for the number of services that could help with the door. When you come to class, you will be able to provide this fact. Most importantly, you will not forget about this excuse, and the teacher will believe you.

Trouble With Neighbors

When a student is late for class, it hurts the teacher. Therefore, if you are the same student who is often late for lessons, use such an argument as “problem with neighbors.” For example, you were going to school, and local neighbors had a party, barricaded the passage on your street. 

It would be plausible if you told about new neighbors from another country who came to your street and asked you to help with local rules and introduce you to the culture. There are many options for a story about neighbors, so let your imagination work. But don’t forget that you can only convince the teacher of the story if it looks believable. Also, do not forget to tell your parents about your situation so that when the teacher calls, they will confirm your words.

Taking Strong Medications

You can justify your late arrival with health problems. For example, you can say that you were poisoned, you had a fever, high or low blood pressure. Then, to heal yourself, you took potent pills. These can be medications for the nervous system, sedatives, hormones, and antibiotics that damage the entire body (weakness, nausea, lethargy, headaches, you can read about any medication’s side effects). But don’t forget the consequences. It would help if you did not list which medications you used for treatment. Perhaps the teacher is familiar with them, and you may be accused of cheating.

Good Excuses For Being Late

What excuses to come up with if you’re late? You can use any of the suggested ones as a shield. A good excuse will help you avoid punishment and prosecution for slowness:

  1. My doctor’s visit took longer than it needed to. I had stomach problems.
  2. I forgot my wallet and had to go back home for it.
  3. An unknown child on the street fell off a bicycle, which had to wait for an ambulance together.
  4. Suddenly I felt dizzy on the road, and it took a while to recover.
  5. I had a toothache, so I had to visit the dentist urgently. Therefore I was late.
  6.  The demonstration/herd of animals / the police blocked the road so that the transport could not move.
  7. The clock was broken, or the time was incorrect.
  8. My nose was bleeding, which took a long time to calm it down.
  9. Baptists surrounded me on the street and did not let me pass.
  10. I slept in the morning for the reason that the alarm did not work.
  11. Stuck in a terrible traffic jam.
  12. I lost my lenses / smashed my glasses, so it took me to go to the pharmacy.
  13. There was a gas leak from the neighbors, which caused gas workers.
  14. It was necessary to help a woman on the street who became ill.
  15. I got into a car accident on a bus.
  16. The relative felt bad.
  17. Slipped and fell in the street. It took a while to get rid of the dizziness and recover.

What to Do if I’m Running Late?

  1. Understand the reasons for your lateness. Listen to yourself: how do you feel when you are late somewhere? Are you stressed? Try to understand the cause of your fears – either yourself or with the help of a therapist. Are you embarrassed about having to apologize? Perhaps by constantly disrupting the meeting time, you create situations that help you deal with unconscious feelings of guilt. By understanding the reason for your lateness, you will finally learn how to arrive on time.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of others. How does someone who is constantly waiting for you feel? Imagine yourself in his place, and you can see how unpleasant the waiting situation is. What do you worry about when you have to wait? How do you feel about a senseless waste of time? Does it annoy you, cause indignation? You may now find it easier to recognize the need to respect other people and value their time.
  3. Learn to manage your time. Set hard rules for yourself and follow them as if all your meetings are equally important. Thus, you will get rid of the fears that may be the reason for your lateness.


It is normal to be late for school or college. Yet it is very important to not be punished. Therefore, you always need a list of good excuses for your lates. Try to use one of our ideas, or advice more if you know them.